10 Fast Food Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving Day

The day of Thanksgiving can be a frenzy of activities. From chicken recipes to side dishes. Also, not to forget Thanksgiving sweets.

Along with it, devising the ultimate style of play for arranging all of the food to arrive hot and set for the table.

Some home cooks may find this to be a fun challenge to test their culinary skills. But this isn’t always the case.

Preparing the year’s most important meal necessitates countless hours of work around the house. It’s understandable if you’d much rather have dinner at a good restaurant than your own home this year.

If you don’t feel like cooking, or if you have an emergency, here are several food restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day to make your life easier.

It’s also worth noting that some of these fast food businesses are private. So, hours can vary depending on where you go.

It’s never a bad idea to phone ahead and double-check that your chosen restaurant will be open on Thanksgiving Day.

If you prefer a sit-down restaurant or comfort food at home, this article has all you need to know. Make sure to order your turkey far ahead of time, as you can expect a turkey shortage in 2021.

Keep reading to know about your best fast food restaurants open on Thanksgiving.

Table of Contents

  • 1. McDonald’s
  • 2. Burger King
  • 3. Subway
  • 4. Wendy’s
  • 5. Dunkin’
  • 6. Sonic Drive-In
  • 7. White Castle
  • 8. Popeyes
  • 9. Pizza Hut
  • 10. Boston Market

1. McDonald’s

While most McDonald’s locations will be open on Thanksgiving Day in 2021, hours may vary from place to place. It’s wise to contact prior and inquire about the fast food restaurants opening and closing hours.

McDonald’s will be ready with fries and burgers if you need a meal on your way to the big dinner. Because most eateries are locally owned, don’t forget to double-check their hours.

2. Burger King

Last year, on Thanksgiving Day, all branches were open. Burger King locations don’t usually close on holidays; however, they do vary their timings slightly.

Of course, make reservations to confirm the hours of your local location, but then go forth and devour their delectable burgers.

On the other hand, you can grab white chicken fries seasoned with savory spices and herbs. The package is adorable, and it’s a fun idea for kids to eat on the go.

3. Subway

Now, this is a Famous fast-food chain. Was your Thanksgiving dinner a failure? Need a sub before the big Thanksgiving dinner? Looking for Regular menu items? Subway it is. Although many Subway shops are open, eateries are locally owned and operated.

So, best to call ahead if you need some yummy sandwiches. This chain of independently owned restaurants should always be open. So, the subway is one of the best fast food restaurants open on Thanksgiving.

4. Wendy’s

Wendy’s is ready to help if your Thanksgiving dinner went wrong and you want to bury your grief in a Baconator. On the front patio, you can enjoy a lovely evening. It is extremely peaceful and comfortable out there. Most Wendy’s restaurants are open every day of the year save Christmas and Easter.

5. Dunkin’

To be honest, coffee and donuts make people think of Thanksgiving. Do you need a dozen donuts to feed the kids for breakfast? Or a cup of coffee to get you through the busy day?

If you desire something sweet, go ahead and visit your local Dunkin’ Donuts. Don’t panic; the majority of Dunkin’ Donuts outlets will remain open. Make sure you double-check the hours on the store finder.

6. Sonic Drive-In

You’re in luck if you’re craving a cherry limeade on your trip to your Aunt’s place. Because Sonic Drive-Ins are locally owned and operated, hours vary.

But many are open on Thanksgiving Day. The busiest seasons for Sonic are summer and spring, as people are out and about in their cars. Thanksgiving is normally not rushed, so you should be able to obtain your order quickly. So go ahead and drive in!

7. White Castle

Except for Christmas and Easter, White Castle restaurants are usually open every day, so if you’re craving sliders on Thanksgiving Day, you’re in good fortune. It will be open and offering them.

The fast-food chain is also remaking the recipe; it includes a generous amount of its sliders. It can also be found in frozen food cases around the country at any of its branches. So, you can also take the frozen food and enjoy it in the comfort of your home.

8. Popeyes

Popeyes offered the entire Thanksgiving season last year. Before the holiday, pick up one of Popeyes’ scrumptious Cajun Style Turkeys. It is already pre-cooked, hand-rubbed, and full of flavor.

The meat is moist and tasty, and the stuffing and gravy produced with the drippings are also really impressive. Even if that isn’t the case this year, their famed sandwiches are still available.

9. Pizza Hut

You can go to Pizza Hut if you’re alone and don’t want to cook a big meal. Or if Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t so fantastic and you and your family are searching for a late-night meal.

You can order everything you want, even an extra-large pizza and loaded garlic knots. So, whenever you like, place your order for that pepperoni and cheese pizza.

If you’re still searching for fast food restaurants open on Thanksgiving, then the next option is one of the most optimal choices you can ever get on this day.

10. Boston Market

On Thanksgiving, Boston Market is always accessible. You can order two normal sides, a dinner roll, and a slice of Apple or Pumpkin Pie.

Along with it, enjoy a Boneless Roasted Turkey Breast or a Half Rotisserie Chicken. If you wish to, you can invite another family as well as church missionaries.

The price is quite reasonable, especially considering the amount of food you get. Also, the amount of time you save by not spending it in the kitchen all day.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, pre-cooked meals with all the fixings are available at all these fast-food restaurants. You can also get frozen turkey and a pie. However, you’ll still have to be innovative with your oven space because some arrive frozen and cold. But heating dishes is a lot easier than making them from scratch.

We hope you found this list — of fast food restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day— useful and that it helps you have a comfortable and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

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