2022 Commonwealth Games | WAG Team Final Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s team final at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, held in Birmingham, England!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. England 161.100 2. Australia 158.000 3. Canada 152.700 4. South Africa 147.750 5. Wales 147.050 6. Scotland 146.500 7. Singapore 134.750 8. Sri Lanka 116.900

2:38 pm. Poppy Sticker WAL FX: Excited for this one! She’s fab. Split jump full is strong. Big double layout! Front layout through to back full. Switch ring to switch full, very nice. Good double pike, chest a little forward. Great routine. 12.700

2:37 pm. Laurie Denommée CAN VT: Yurchenko 1.5, really nice! Stuck it at first, but couldn’t hold it so she stepped out into the salute.

2:34 pm. Mia Evans WAL FX: Memmel turn, 1.5 through to 2.5, runs forward out of it off the mat. Double pike bounces OOB and off the mat, hands down. Front full to stag, oof, OOB again.

2:32 pm. Emma Spence CAN VT: I didn’t see this, didn’t even know she was going until after she saluted at the end, they skipped Wales?! 13.400 (4.6 D)

2:31 pm. Jenna Lalonde CAN VT: FTY with a lunge and then a little hop back. 13.050 (4.2 D)

2:29 pm. Jea Maracha WAL FX: Double wolf turn was clean. Good double pike, small step back. Front layout full with a hop back.

2:28 pm. Maya Zonneveld CAN VT: FTY with a hop back. A little bit of pike in the air. 13.000

2:25 pm. Sofia Micallef FX: Double wolf turn. Double pike with a lunge back. Hit the second pass and a double full. Good routine! 11.800

2:23 pm. England with a 161.100 for the lead! Australia second at 157.950. Still Canada and Wales to go!

2:21 pm. Ondine Achampong ENG VT: DTY, and it’s good! Some crossed legs in the air and a big hop back.

2:19 pm. Emily Whitehead AUS FX: Clean 1.5 to front full, step forward OOB. Clean and stuck double tuck. Switch half. Double pike to finish. Great work! 12.750 (5.0 D)

2:17 pm. Alice Kinsella ENG VT: DTY, got the landing! Some form in the air but it’s pretty minor, as is the bounce back…she’s very happy with that. 13.900

2:14 pm. Georgia Godwin AUS FX: Triple wolf turn. Double tuck, lunge back. Switch to tour jeté half. Front full with a little skid. Good double pike.

2:13 pm. Georgia-Mae Fenton ENG VT: Yurchenko 1.5, pretty clean in the air, just a bit piked, big hop forward that went OOB.

2:11 pm. Breanna Scott AUS FX: Clean double tuck. Switch half, kinda falls forward from the double L turn to pirouette. Double pike looked great! 12.600

2:10 pm. Kelly Simm ENG VT: Tsuk tuck full with a hop back.

2:08 pm. Romi Brown AUS FX: Double tuck with a little hop to the side. Double pike with a deep landing and a step back.

2:07 pm. Phone stream is working!

England 119.900, Australia 119.850, and Canada 112.600 are the top three going into the final rotation.

2:02 pm. Sorry, I missed a couple of things in there. Claudia Fragapane on beam and Kate McDonald on floor. Trying to get the stream on my phone but it won’t come up.

Saw Claudia Fragapane’s double layout to stag and double pike in the replay!

Okay, I think my phone stream is up.

1:57 pm. Georgia Godwin AUS BB: Hit the side somi, bhs loso, bent legs and a wobble. Double pike with her chest at her knees and a couple of steps back.

Trying to get a new stream because I’m missing everything.

1:55 pm. Alice Kinsella ENG FX: First pass started with a 1.5 then I lost the stream. Double pike was good in the air, just a small step back.

1:53 pm. Breanna Scott AUS BB: Side aerial and front aerial were both good, jump series, god this stream is going to kill me, it died again. I think it’s the arena internet though. Double pike dismount crashed to her hands, Australia will count a fall.

1:50 pm. Georgia-Mae Fenton ENG FX: Tucked full-in at the start. Front double full, got the landing well. Losing my stream again, didn’t get to see much after that.

1:48 pm. Emily Whitehead AUS BB: Punch front mount, little bobble. Switch leap to wolf jump. bhs loso with some leg form and a fall. Good punch front. Hit an aerial, and a 1.5 dismount.

1:46 pm. Ondine Achampong ENG FX: Whip whip to triple full! Very nice, maybe a little iffy right as she goes into the form before landing. Front double full is great. Double tuck ends up really far forward, stumbles out of it. 2.5 with a step.

1:45 pm. Think my stream is back, in time for the touch for the second half! Canada ahead of Wales, 112.600 to 111.600.

England going on floor and Australia on beam.

1:42 pm. Poppy Stickler WAL BB: Got the wolf turn out the way, switch to sissone to split jump, my feed keeps buffering so hopefully I’ll see all of this. Hit the flight series. Double full to finish, chest forward. 12.450 (4.7 D)

Ugh, nevermind, it was like “you don’t have enough bandwidth to play this.” Okay, nerds? Trying to refresh.

1:39 pm. Cassie Lee CAN FX: Hit the first two passes with no major problems, and a lunge back on the double pike at the end.

1:37 pm. Jea Maracha WAL BB: Iffy form on the wolf turn. Hit the flight series, front aerial to split jump to Korbut, 1.5 dismount with a hop forward. 12.550 (4.7 D)

1:36 pm. Laurie Denommée CAN FX: I missed the beginning, thought she hit her first pass. Front layout front full after that. Deep landing on the double pike with a hop forward. 12.650 (5.0 D)

1:32 pm. Mia Evans WAL BB: Wild double wolf turn, stands up out of it then gets back down into the wolf position to finish her low to the beam choreo. Switch to split jump, a little off in the split? Off on the back pike series. Side aerial. Off again on the side somi. Double full, hop back. 10.550

1:30 pm. Emma Spence CAN FX: 1.5 through to double full. Switch ring through to tour jeté full. Clean stuck double tuck! 12.750 (4.6 D)

1:28 pm. Sofia Micallef WAL BB: Candle mount, gets a wolf turn around, switch leap to sissone, break at the hips on a bhs loso, front aerial, side aerial, big balance check, double full with a small hop. 12.450

1:27 pm. Jenna Lalonde CAN FX: Was a little wild in some turns at the beginning. 2.5, some leaps not quite where they need to be. Front layout full, steps into arabesque. 12.200

1:25 pm. Didn’t catch the scores but I think it’s England and then Australia for top two?

Touch for the first half of rotation three now!

1:20 pm. Poppy Stickler WAL UB: Arched over mid-toe full and came off. Caught a low to high transition and back, I think Maloney to Pak, then a van Leeuwen and piked Jaeger, REALLY had to stretch for that catch! Double tuck with a step back. 11.250

1:17 pm. Emma Spence CAN BB: Candle mount, hit the back pike series, came off on something after but I didn’t see what that was. Switch to switch half, short, to back handspring. 1.5 dismount, nearly stuck. I’m dying…she goes “…okay?” when she sees her score HAHA. 12.150 (5.0 D)

1:15 pm. Jea Maracha WAL UB: Nice handstand before the van Leeuwen (leg separation), blind change to piked Jaeger, short handstand before the bail to stalder to toe-on to toe shoot, caught a little close, blind full, a little late there, and a double tuck, deep with a step forward. 11.750

1:12 pm. Cassie Lee CAN BB: Fell at the very start of her routine, sadly. Side aerial loso loso, leg form and a big wobble. Side somi was good. Had a break at the hips on a cross jump. Switch half, 1.5 dismount with a step.

1:11 pm. Sofia Micallef WAL UB: Piked Jaeger, bail (leg form) to toe on to toe shoot, blind full, a little late, clean open double tuck with a step back. Good work! 11.700

1:09 pm. Jenna Lalonde CAN UB: Side aerial loso, fall. Hit the rest that I saw when she got back on, switch leap to wolf jump was very nice. 1.5 with a good landing to finish. 12.000 (4.2 D)

1:06 pm. Mia Evans WAL UB: Piked Jaeger, bail to toe shoot, double tuck dismount, soft knees and a slight hop back. 11.600 (4.2 D)

1:04 pm. Laurie Denommée CAN BB: Roundoff layout hit. Switch to switch half with a wobble, leg up. Front aerial to straddle jump to back handspring. Had a wobble on a side aerial after that. Hit the dismount. 11.700

1:03 pm. Touch for the second half!

1:01 pm. Breanna Scott AUS UB: Weiler half to Maloney to clear hip to huuuuuge Tkachev to Pak! Amazing series. Van Leeuwen, short handstand before a toe full, a little muscled through the middle, and a nice full-in dismount with a small step. Overall great routine, that opening series was badass. 13.500.

12:58 pm. Alice Kinsella ENG BB: Switch leap mount almost right into the front aerial, little check. Side aerial loso with a wobble. Double wolf turn. Switch leap to switch half, break at the hips and a bit of a wobble. Double pike dismount. 13.450

12:55 pm. Georgia Godwin AUS UB: I wasn’t typing at the beginning but she hit her whole opening series which started with a Weiler to Weiler half…I think into some sort of shaposh to Pak? Also had a van Leeuwen, I forgot if it was connected from the series or not, sorry, I’m also doing U.S. Classic and am trying to double team! But it was a great routine, and she hit the double layout dismount. 13.650 (5.6 D)

12:52 pm. Ondine Achampong ENG BB: I love her tapping herself on the forehead before going. Walkover mount was nice. Switch ring, little bobble. Front aerial, got her jump series, little check at the end of the bhs loso loso, big wobble on something after that but I didn’t see what. Full Y turn, little check. She just looks like she’s competing a bit nervous. Cross split jump half, and a 2.5 dismount, some leg form and a hop. 13.300 (5.7 D)

12:50 pm. Emily Whitehead AUS UB: Maloney to Pak, caught a Khorkina as well, double front dismount came up a little low with a lunge forward but good job to save it from a fall.

12:48 pm. Georgia-Mae Fenton ENG BB: Layout stepout mount. Lovely double spin. Side aerial to back handspring. Switch to split leap, nice. Triple wolf turn, got a bit wobbly throughout, front aerial, and a double tuck dismount, excellent! 13.300

12:45 pm. Romi Brown AUS UB: Nice handstand before the toe full to Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, short handstand before the blind full to Khorkina, and a full-out dismount with a step back.

12:44 pm. Claudia Fragapane ENG BB: Hit routine! I wasn’t typing because I thought it was still warmups lol. Had a few stumbles from what I saw, but stayed on! Seeing some in the replay, the biggest wobble was on the standing arabian. 11.650 (4.6 D)

12:40 pm. Moving on to the next rotation! Should have some scores in a second…

England 41.400 Australia 40.300 Scotland 40.1 Wales 39.100

12:38 pm. Emily Whitehead AUS VT: Looks like she’s doing a second vault. Tsuk front pike, kinda tucked it near the end.

12:37 pm. My stream went down again…

Did see Emily Whitehead hit her Yurchenko 1.5 right before that! 13.400

12:35 pm. Georgia-Mae Fenton UB: Toe-on Tkachev to mixed grip to Ezhova, Maloney to Pak, adjusts in the handstand before the van Leeuwen, blind full, and a full-in, good landing! 14.000 (5.8 D)

12:32 pm. Georgia Godwin AUS VT: Tsuk 1.5, lost her knee form in the second rotation and had a big hop forward. 13.750 (4.8 D)

Second vault is a handspring pike half with a huuuuuuuge bounce back, talking like six feet! Or more?! I need distance markers.

12:30 pm. Kelly Simm ENG UB: Wasn’t typing during this set but she had a Derwael-Fenton to Ezhova I think? Also caught two more Tkachevs, one into a Pak, I think Ricna and Downie, or vice versa? Unfortunately off on a van Leeuwen, only one hand was near the bar and the other missed almost completely, sadly. Double layout dismount with a hop forward. 11.800 (5.7 D)

12:28 pm. Alice Kinsella ENG UB: Toe half to piked Jaeger, great handstand before a Ricna, another good handstand before the Pak, then I lost the feed. 13.650 (5.7 D)

Breanna Scott AUS VT: Big FTY, big bounce back. Looked nice in the air! 13.100 (4.2 D)

12:27 pm. While I was gone it looks like Ondine Achampong did bars, they showed a Chow half with bent legs in the replay and then zoomed in SO CLOSE so I couldn’t see anything else. 13.750 (6.1 D) She looks VERY happy with that! Huge smile on her face.

12:26 pm. Okay, it’s back but it’s buffering a lot. We’ll see how this goes!

Romi Brown VT: FTY, clean with a hop back.

12:25 pm. I lost the stream, I think due to my VPN speed…trying to get it back! I lost it right in the middle of the Australia and England touch.

12:19 pm. Jea Maracha WAL VT: FTY, the weakest of the bunch I think, a little piked down with some leg form and a step back. But it was pretty big! And they’ve got some good scores so far! A couple of 13s.

12:17 pm. Maya Zonneveld CAN UB: Nice handstand before the Maloney, ugh, slips off and sits it. Back on and tries the Maloney again, no problem this time, to bail (short, leg separation) to toe shoot. blind change to straddle Jaeger, nice. blind full is a little late. Double pike dismount with a lunge back, one leg was kind of locked on the landing but no problems.

12:16 pm. Poppy Stickler WAL VT: FTY, almost stuck it, chest is forward and kind of bounces high on her toes. 13.000 (4.2 D)

12:14 pm. Laurie Denommée CAN UB: Maloney (some leg separation) to Pak, short handstand before the van Leeuwen, Gienger was a little low, bent her legs while going into her giants, blind full, stuck toe front half dismount. 12.450 (4.9 D)

12:13 pm. Mali Morgan WAL VT: FTY with two steps back, pretty solid in the air. Almost got to a place where she could flare it out. 12.950 (5.0 D)

12:12 pm. Jenna Lalonde CAN UB: Good handstand before the stalder full to Maloney to Pak, another good handstand before the van Leeuwen, blind change to huge straddle Jaeger, and a deep landing on the tucked toe full half dismount, lunge back.

12:10 pm. Mia Evans WAL VT: Clean FTY with a hop back. 13.100 (4.2 D)

12:08 pm. Emma Spence CAN UB: Great hit routine! I wasn’t typing but that was an excellent start for Canada. 12.550 (4.9 D)

12:06 pm. Looks like Wales and Australia on vault, and Canada and England on bars. Touch is going on now.

12:05 pm. England, Canada, Australia, and Wales compete in this sub.

12:04 pm. Made it to the arena for classics just in time for the athletes to walk in for subdivision four of Commonwealth Games!

11:41 am. Subdivision 3 Standings

1. South Africa 147.750 2. Scotland 146.500 3. Singapore 134.750 4. Sri Lanka 116.900 5. India 102.650

11:36 am. Cara Kennedy SCO FX: Double layout, excellent! Front tuck through to double full, little hop to the side. Great double tuck! Fantastic. 12.250 (4.7 D)

11:32 am. Shannon Archer SCO FX: Excellent triple full. BEAUTIFUL front layout to front full. Double tuck looked nearly stuck. So happy for her, this was gorgeous! 12.400 (4.5, 7.900)

11:29 am. Emily Bremner SCO FX: Full-in, solid landing! Great 2.5 to front tuck. Switch leap, tour jeté half. Hit the last pass. Excellent routine! 12.050

11:24 am. Eilidh Gorrell SCO FX: Double pike, nice shape! Good landing. 1.5 to front layout, some form in the latter, a little short. Good 2.5! Switch to switch half. This was great. 11.700

11:21 am. Kumudi Imanya Abeyratne SRI VT: Yurchenko with no salto, hop back. I don’t think she meant to do that, she seems pretty annoyed when she leaves. Just caught the DV in the background and her intended was 3.0, so a tuck I think is what she wanted to do. 10.350 (2.0 D)

11:19 am. Milka Gehani SRI VT: Tsuk full, nearly to her knees, and a little off in rotation. Pretty piked down, as well…and a step out of bounds. 12.800

11:18 am. Kaushini Gamage SRI VT: Tsuk back tuck, a little forward. 11.400

11:16 am. Ruthuja Nataraj SRI FX: Split jump full. Full-in with a hop back. Front full. Double tuck, just comes up a little short and puts her hands down. 10.650

11:14 am. Amaya Kalukottage SRI VT: Tsuk pike with a couple of steps back. 11.900

11:12 am. Pranati Nayak IND FX: 2.5 with a step forward. Double tuck, a little deep with a step. Double full, chest was a bit low. Front full with a step back. 9.650

11:09 am. Looks like Protistha Samanta has withdrawn from the competition…was wondering where she went during bars but realized her second vault looked pretty painful, so assume she’s just done.

Scotland at a 109.800 and South Africa at a 108.850 going into the final rotation!

11:06 am. Ruthuja Nataraj IND BB: Bhs loso with a break but holds on. Front aerial with a wobble. Hit the side aerial. Cat leap to switch leap, and a full turn, both good. 1.5 dismount, stuck! 11.350 (4.1 D)

11:03 pm. Pranati Nayak IND BB: Punch front mount and punch front, good! Switch to tuck full, bhs back tuck, and she falls there. Full turn, little wobble. Hit the front full dismount. 11.000

10:58 am. Cara Kennedy SCO BB: Switch leap to switch side, solid.Hit the bhs loso, ooh, and a switch 3/4! Cross straddle jump. 1.5 dismount with a hop forward. 11.700

10:55 am. Kumudi Imanya Abeyratne SRI FX: Double full, step to the side. Front tuck with a little hop. Full L turn, some flexed feet. Leap series, the switch at thee nd was pretty good but the first was a little weak. Double turn. 1.5, skids on the landing and sits it.

10:53 am. Emily Bremner SCO BB: Layout stepout mount, good. Bhs loso, break at the hips, and she fell, sadly. Front aerial was nice. Switch leap to split leap, switch half was a bit short. Hit the dismount. 11.500

10:52 am. Kaushini Gamage FX: I saw a front tuck through to back tuck, everything I think was hit though. 7.850

10:49 am. Shannon Archer SCO BB: Oh no, off on her switch leap mount, just too far over to her left. Double spin, a bit of a bobble there. Side aerial to jump series, front aerial, bhs loso with a bobble, switch leap to switch half, she’s doing well now. 2.5 dismount with a step. 11.950

10:47 am. Milka Gehani SRI FX: Kinda fell out of her spin at the start. Double tuck was good. 2.5 to front tuck, skids forward and steps OOB. Switch ring to switch leap. Front layout full. Good double full to finish. 10.650 (4.6 D)

10:45 am. Eilidh Gorrell SCO BB: Candle mount. Bhs loso, some leg form but lands it well. Cross straddle jump, some flexed feet and a wobble, also wobbled on the cross straight jump full. Cat leap to switch half. Full turn with a bit of a wobble. Switch leap, low back leg. Double full with a step. Good job! 11.350

10:43 am. Amaya Kalukottage SRI FX: Double tuck with a couple of steps back. Double full, a tiny bit underrotated but sneaks the last bit around. Switch leap to switch side. Front tuck, through to a roundoff. 1.5 for her last pass. Good job! 8.750 (3.5 D)

10:41 am. Moving on to the third rotation! Scotland has the lead right now 2.6 points ahead of South Africa, which competed in the last rotation. They had a great score, five points higher than what they got at African Championships, thanks especially to Caitlin Rooskrantz and Naveen Daries.

10:37 am. Cara Kennedy SCO UB: Pak had some form, and the toe shoot was very close, blind full, a little muscled, and a double tuck dismount. 10.700 (3.4 D)

10:34 am. Shannon Archer SCO UB: Maloney to bail to toe-on to a great handstand, to toe shoot, straddle Jaeger was great, just caught a bit close, blind full, and a full-twisting double layout, she is fantastic! Looked like she hit her foot on a giant going into the dismount? 12.250 (4.8 D)

10:32 am. Eilidh Gorrell SCO UB: Blind change to straddle Jaeger, I think hit her foot on the low bar, Pak with some leg separation, toe shoot, short handstand before the blind full, and a full-out dismount landed low with a step back. She swings very nicely! 10.750 (4.5 D)

10:29 am. Emily Bremner SCO UB: Blind change to piked Jaeger, some leg separation, bail is a little short, toe-on to toe shoot, had to really muscle the handstand before the clear hip, but gets the fight, and a double tuck to finish.

10:24 am. Kaushini Gamage SRI BB: Full turn, cartwheel, back tuck is a little short and she falls. Back walkover. Back handspring, some leg form. Sissone to wolf jump, a little low. Front tuck with a little step. 8.000

10:21 am. Amaya Kalukottage SRI BB: Nice full turn, cartwheel, back tuck, wolf jump to straight jump, sissone, switch leap, and a front pike dismount with a step back. 8.550 (2.3 D)

10:19 am. Ruthuja Nataraj IND UB: Toe-on to Ray, bail, toe shoot, blind full, blind change to front half, and a double layout dismount, a little forward on the landing with a step. Hit! 11.950 (4.5 D)

10:17 am. Milka Gehani SRI BB: Great punch front mount. Roundoff to back tuck, ugh, bounces a bit and falls. Switch to switch half. Side aerial. Split jump to wolf jump. Off again on the front aerial. Side somi with a wobble. Cross straight jump full. Good landing on the front layout full. I think she’ll still make the AA final but that was sad. 9.750 (5.0 D)

10:15 am. Pranati Nayak IND UB: Tkachev, clear hip, blind full, blind change to front giant half, shootover, piked toe shoot, and a double pike dismount, really close to the bar and a little off in the rotation, hands down on the mat unfortunately. 9.250 (4.1 D)

10:13 am. Kumudi Imanya Abeyratne SRI BB: Full turn, little bobble. Side aerial, bhs back tuck was solid. Switch leap, back leg was a little low, front aerial came up almost horizontal, thought she would have fallen for sure but she stands it up!?!?! Cross straight jump full and then a half, couldn’t see the position (either split or straddle), hit a jump series after, and then took a big step off the mat on the front layout full dismount.

10:10 am. Moving to bars for India and Scotland, and beam for Malaysia and Sri Lanka!

10:05 am. Pranati Nayak IND VT: Tsuk double full, some hip and leg form throughout both pre- and post-flight and a big step forward OOB. 13.600 (5.2 D)

Handspring front tuck full with a hop. 12.950

13.275 average put her second behind Archer!

10:02 am. Protistha Samanta IND VT: Handspring front pike half with a lunge back. 12.900

Second vault was a tsuk tuck with a rough landing, two massive steps out of it off the mat. 11.000

10:00 am. Ruthuja Nataraj IND VT: Yurchenko 1.5, really low landing, then stumbled it back and put her hand down. 12.300 (4.6 D)

9:54 am. Kaushini Gamage SRI UB: Hip circles, toe circles to toe shoot, pauses on the high bar before swinging into a back tuck dismount. 7.000 (1.4 D)

9:52 am. Shannon Archer SCO VT: DTY, ooh, very nice! First twist was gorgeous, lost some of the form in the second, but not bad at all and landed it super well. 13.900

Second vault is a tsuk full, not as clean and lands pretty far forward with her chest down, just a tiny bounce on the landing. 13.100

9:51 am. Kumudi Imanya Abeyratne SRI UB: Arched over on her first handstand and came off. Clear hip, toe circle to toe shoot, dead hang, has to start her swing again, kip cast to handstand, giants into a double tuck dismount, sat it. 5.500 (1.2 D)

9:49 am. Amaya Kalukottage SRI UB: Clear hip, toe circles before a toe shoot to high, she has to pause before her kip casts a couple of times, just a layout dismount with a step, not a ton of skills in there but a hit! 7.150 (1.6 D)

9:48 am. Cara Kennedy SCO VT: Yurchenko 1.5, some leg separation and knee bend throughout, lands it with a big lunge forward. 13.350 (4.6 D)

9:46 am. Milka Gehani SRI UB: Shaposh to Hindorff, Pak, arched a little in the handstand before the toe shoot, good handstand before the clear hip to blind change to front half, blind full, and a clean double pike with a hop. 12.000 (4.8 D)

9:45 am. Emily Bremner SCO VT: FTY, a little piked down, big step back. 12.850 (4.2 D)

9:43 am. Rachel Yeoh Li Wen MAS UB: Stalder to Chow to Pak, lovely! Great handstand before the Maloney to bail to toe shoot, blind change to straddle Jaeger, REALLY close to the bar but doesn’t affect her much, blind full, and a clean double tuck, but she’s a bit too far back on the landing and stumbles it. 11.800 (4.8 D)

9:42 am. Eilidh Gorrell SCO VT: Yurchenko pike with a step back. 11.700

9:38 am. Touch warm-ups are underway now!

9:30 am. Athletes are marching out now for Subdivision 3! We’ll see India, Malaysia, Scotland, and Sri Lanka!

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