How To Use Angle Grinder for Sanding Wood in Proper Way

Wood is the most needed thing for everyday life. Woods are used in every mandatory product like furniture, deck, home, or office interior design. But it needs some processes like cutting, sanding, polishing, etc. And how to use an angle grinder for sanding wood surfaces? We will find out.

Sanding wood is the most common process while making furniture. It can be done with any tool or machine. An angle grinder is good medicine for wood sanding. It makes the sanding process easy and done very fast. But workers should know how to use it for sanding and other related things.

More About Angle Grinder

A grinder is also called a side grinder or disk grinder. It is a handheld power tool. It is used for wood or metal, or other related works. Cutting, grinding, polishing, and an angle grinder does related things. The most common and available angle grinders are powered by electronic or battery power. Coded angle grinders are famous as well.

An angle grinder is a perfect tool for woodwork. It is the most versatile tool in the box. Wood can be cut, polished, or sand by it easily. It is also a time saver for woodworkers. It has a sharp metal blade over the head of the grinder. This blade does all of the work.

How To Use Angle Grinder for Sanding Wood

Sanding wood is a mandatory step before making any furniture. It gives the wood a nice and better look. Unfortunately, an angle grinder makes the sanding work too easy. So instead, there are a few steps to turn the grinder into a sander.

Use Speed Controlled Angle Grinder

There are many types of angle grinders available. A speed-controlled angle grinder is best for sanding. How much sand is needed is measured before sanding? Over sanding or less can cause problems at present or later. So, controlling speed is a must.

Use Flap Disk

To sand wood, you must need a flap disc. The flap disc has overlapping sandpaper on the outer part of the disk. Flap discs are extremely effective for removing large surface areas. It works very quickly and easily. This disc comes in many sixes. Every size is effective; it’s just a matter of time.

Install The Disk on the Grinder Machine

First, remove all the previous discs and tools from the grinders to install the flap disc. They fit the guard for grinding. Guard is essential for the machine. Then fit the handle inside of the grinder. They located the back flange on the keyway. Then put the disc on the back flange. Secure the disc with a front flange. Secure the front flange tightly. Now It is ready to sand any wood.

Start Sanding wood with the grinder machine.

After installing the disc on the angle grinder, it is ready to use. For safety, wear safety equipment and gloves. For extra safety, use eye and ear protection. Make sure the wood is not movable. Then connect the grinder with electricity. Then set control and start sanding carefully.

Other Disks Which Are Good for Sanding

A flap disc is not the only disc available for sanding wood. Foam discs are also effective for sanding. It is ideal for sanding little or soft areas. It’s made with sharp foams. It is less expensive compared to other discs. It can be used for low-budget projects also.

Step 1: Get yourself a foam disk.

Foam discs are the most common disc among all the other discs. It’s available in many markets and online sites. It can be bought from any retailer or wholesaler. It comes in many qualities. It’s essential to buy the best quality sand wood ideally.

Step 2: Stick Sand Paper on it

Foam discs need sandpaper to work. So first, buy sandpaper according to the size of the disc. Then stick the paper on the foam side. Any kind of glue is suitable to attach sandpaper with foam.

Step 3: Cut Extra Areas

After attaching sandpaper with foam, it is still unable to sand. The sandpaper needs to get a shape like the foam. First, take a sharp seizure. Then, start cutting the paper from the outer side. Cut totally until it gets shaped. Now it is ready to sand the wood surfaces.

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Things to Remember When Sanding Wood

Sanding wood is easy to work with, but it is not a cup of tea. For sanding, a worker needs many tools like an angle grinder, blade, sandpaper, etc. Unfortunately, these things are a little dangerous to use. So, sanding should be done very carefully.

Use Dust Mask

Musk is a mandatory product while sanding. At the same time, sanding the dust mix with the air. It can go to the human body through the nose. The dust is dangerous for the human body. It can damage the lungs, which causes breathing problems. It can also cause lung diseases like lung cancer. Muck can prevent all of these problems.

Wear Eye Protection

While sanding, eyes should be protected. Wood dust can get stuck to the eyes. It causes eye irritation and other eye-related problems. Any protective goggles can help a lot. It will stop the dust from sticking to Sanders’ eyes.

Use Moderate Speed on Machine

A controlling machine is important for sanding. Fast machines sands too fast and this causes more mess of dust. Sands stay in place if the sanding process is slow. It can help the sander to control dust. It can save the sander from any health issue.

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How To Convert an Angle Grinder to Sander?

Usually, angle grinders are for cutting, polishing, or any other kind of wood and metal work. It can work as a sander also. But a grinder needs a flap disc for sanding. A flap disc is ideal for sanding wood surfaces; it can sand any big surface area and smooth the surface.

What Are the Best Sanding Discs for Angle Grinder?

Ceramic disc is the best disc for angle grinder. It is not common for professional workers. It works almost like a flap disc. But it is less popular than a flap disc. But it is suitable for not overheating during sanding because of its ceramic body. It has more sensing capacity than any standard metal disc.

Last Verdict

We have tried to give you all the information on how to use an angle grinder for sanding wood surfaces. In a nutshell, it’s easy and smooth to go on.

This article is all about angle grinder and its related things. Definition, meaning, utility, and all other things are written in this article.

There are some names of discs given. Know which discs are good for wood sanding and how to sand with this grinder. Also, know how to use this grinder.

Use safety equipment before sanding. I hope you read the article and learn how wood sand risks the human body and how to prevent it.

Read the full article to know your problems and find the best solution for your projects. Learn thoroughly to understand all information given.

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