Which fast-food chains are open on Easter and Good Friday?

No matter what holiday you plan to celebrate, this weekend is all about the feast.

Ramadan began on April 1 and will last until May 1, Easter weekend begins on Good Friday, peaks on Easter Sunday, and is celebrated by some informally as Good Monday. Passover also starts on Friday and lasts for a week.

But even if you are not a person of faith, chances are you will be sharing a meal with your loved ones this weekend. But what about all the other food?

If you’re the person who’s in charge of making the big dinner, it’s understandable that you’ll need a quick lunch at some point before you come back to complete the casserole. But if you don’t feel like cooking and want to take the family out for dinner, you’ll have plenty of options.

But it’s a bit unclear which major fast food chains will remain open.

Easter is not one of the holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving where you assume that everything either closes or closes early, but in some places Good Friday or Sunday is a day off. While some franchises allow individual locations to call their own, many have set corporate policies.

So if you can already tell you’re going to need a quick chicken sandwich at some point this weekend, here’s what you need to know.

Which places absolutely do not close for the holidays?


Applebees (noise) – Get Dine Brands Global, Inc. The report will remain open, so you can get all kinds of fancy if you and your family like.

Boston Market

Why make mashed potatoes when everyone knows Boston Market D has the best gravy?

buffalo wild wings

Wings aren’t really considered a holiday food, but this is a free country, have them if you want.


There are large enough portions for the whole family to take in the Carrabba on Sundays (BLMN) – Bloomin Brands, Inc. get report.


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Denny (Den) – Get Denny’s Corporation Report The whole point is that most of them never close. So get your moons over my hammy if you want.

i hope

Denny’s closest contestants will also be open for a breakfast for dinner game.

Jack in the Box

Jack (jack) – Jack in the Box Inc. Report and its burgers are always there for you.


Each McDonald’s (Delhi Municipal Corporation) – McDonald’s Corporation reports the franchise is independently owned, but while some may choose to close, most of them will be open.

olive Garden

Don’t worry, your family can have all the unlimited breadsticks and salads at Olive Garden on Sunday (DRI) – Darden Restaurants, Inc. get report.


some Panera (pnra) locations are close, but if you want a bagel before you hit your serve, you’re probably fine.

pizza Hut

You can’t make Pizza the Hut (yama) – go yum! Brands, Inc. Reports, even on holiday.

red Lobster

Cheddar biscuits never take time.

Ruth’s Chris

Holiday Steak? Ruth’s Chris (Mercy) – Get Ruth Hospitality Group, Inc. The report is here for you.


Although some locations may be closed, you can generally count on getting your caffeine jolt from Starbucks (SBUX) – Receive Starbucks Corporation reports before viewing the family.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell on Vacation? I mean sure, if that’s what you want.

waffle House

On Sunday you can be shattered, upset and cover whatever you want

Which places are closed on Sundays?


Chick-fil-A is always closed on Sundays, so that was to be expected.


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