Who Is The Host Of Is It Cake? Lets Find Out!

Well, if someone was to ask you a very simple question, for example, do you like to eat cake? What would your exact answer be? If you ask us, we would not even answer at all, because we could say, it is already a fact that everybody loves to eat cake at any given time. So, today it is all about cakes and In this article Who Is The Host Of Is It Cake? we’ll, of course, give you the answer and will tell you all about the show.

Is It Cake? (2022), happens to be a reality cooking game show where the contestants are highly skilled cake-makers who make different types of cakes that looks exactly like any day-to-day ordinary objects in an effort to confuse the celebrity judges. These cakes the contestants make look so authentic and real that it becomes very hard for the judges to differentiate and tell which is what. Yes, they are THAT GOOD. Is It Cake? premiered on 18th March 2022 and is created by Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz.

Now, let’s get down to the primary subject, you’re here to find out who is the host of this particular reality cooking show. Well, let’s find out. The host of Is It Cake? happens to be Michael William Day, commonly known as Mikey Day. Yes, there you go. Now we have finally told you. Mikey Day is an American actor, presenter, and writer as well. He is the one to host the first season, which is the only season of the show as of now that has 8 episodes for you to binge on.

So, as we have given you the answer that you’ve been looking for, let’s find something more about the show and its host, Mikey Day.

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Who Is The Host Of Is It Cake? More Information Is Always Welcome!

Let’s give you a better idea of how the reality cooking game show works. The celebrity judges and the contestants are given out with multiples of a common item, along with a cake that replicates that specific item amongst the real item. Then three of the contestants compete with each other by baking a cake within a time frame of 8 hours that replicates the particular item chosen for the episode.

After the baking is complete, the judges are shown the three sets of separate items showcased in sets of five of the same item. Among those each set of five, one will be a cake that is baked by one of the contestants.

Now, the catch here is if the judges identify the cake among the items, then that particular contestant will be dismissed from that episode. The fun part is if the contestants can confuse the judges, then they will have to select a winner based on how good the quality of the cake is in order to break a tie.

The fun part of Is It Cake? does not end here, the winner of each episode will get prize money of $5000, having said that, there is another tricky way for them to make another $5000 if they can manage to rightly identify between a visually identical pair of bundles of cash which is really an actual cake.

  • Created By: Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz
  • Directed By: Alex Van Wagner
  • Presented By: Mikey Day
  • Genre: Reality Game Show
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes & Runtime: 8 (35-39 Minutes)
  • IMDb Ratings: 5.7

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Let’s Learn More About Mikey Day The Host Of Is It Cake?

Michael William Day, commonly known as Mikey Day happens to be the host of the latest Netflix original reality cooking game show, Is It Cake? that was released on 22nd March 2022. Mikey Day apart from being a host or a presenter, is also an actor, writer, comedian, and as well as producer.

Mikey Day initially worked as a writer in the 39th season of the Saturday Night Live show. Due to his impressive work, he was made a featured player in the 42nd season and was eventually promoted and given more responsibilities. He also worked as an on-air correspondent for The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and as well The Jay Leno Show.

During the initial stage of his career, he worked as a theater practitioner in a theater group known as the Groundlings in Los Angeles. It was basically an improvisational theater group. Back in his theater days, he wrote a parody of David Bline a magician along with another writer named Michael Naughton. The video of the parody was posted on YouTube and back in the day was one of the most viewed videos of all time. Eventually, being in the show business for a while, he has been a part of several movies, reality shows, cartoons, and TV shows.

Mikey grew up in Orange, California, and was born on 20th March 1980. He went to El Modena High School in Orange where supposedly another famous actor named Milo Ventimiglia studied as well. Finally, he graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a degree in Theater.

Who Are The Celebrity Judges In Is It Cake?

As the show is all about creating identical cakes that replicate day-to-day common objects and confusing the judges in order to win prize money of $5000. Now, let’s find out who these celebrity judges on the show are.

Here is the list of the celebrity judges that appeared on the show.

  • Daymon Patterson
  • Fortune Feimster
  • Ronnie Woo
  • Hester Sunshine
  • Jason Bolden
  • Michael Yo
  • Camille Kostek
  • Chris Witaske
  • Kellee Edwards
  • Courtney Parchman
  • Finesse Mitchell
  • Farley Elliott
  • Arturo Castro
  • Rebecca Black
  • Jon Gabrus
  • Tony Rock
  • King Princess
  • Lyric Lewis
  • Brittany Broski
  • Heidi Gardner
  • Dan Ahdoot
  • Loni Love
  • Bobby Moynihan
  • Karamo Brown

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Will There Be A Second Season Of Is It Cake?

The first season was released this year in March which is just a couple of months back. The show as of now is hopefully doing good but in order to get the green signal from Netflix for a second installment that will need a certain amount of audience and views.

The show happens to be undoubtedly unique and engrossing at the same time and this type of show usually has a niche audience that helps the Network for making new seasons.

So, officially there has been no announcement made regarding the show’s renewal or cancellation. As an audience, we can hope that there could be a second season of Is It Cake? if not this year, then in 2023. Shows like this usually tend to work on Netflix, so all we can do now is hope for the best.

Is There An Official Teaser Or Trailer Of Is It Cake?

Netflix never fails to surprise us, and with its official teaser and trailer, Netflix gains our attention. The same goes for this particular reality cooking game show. Yes, Netflix has indeed released a teaser of 53 seconds as well as a trailer of 1 minute 46 seconds, of the first season of Is It Cake? You can check it out anytime you feel like it.

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Final Word

We have researched thoroughly in order to bring you all the details and information related to the reality cooking game show, Is It Cake? We hope that we did justice and answered all your necessary questions.

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