90 Day Fiance: Angela Back To Pursuing Her Canadian Crush After Michael Split?

Angela and Michael from 90 Day Fiance have had the most turbulent storyline. Every possible thing that can cause a relationship to become toxic has happened in their case. Be it cheating scandals, abuse, lack of trust, or scams, they have gone through and depicted it all on the show. In the latest season, Michael finally landed in America to be with Angela.

But the footage of the current season of the show is a few months old. Hence, things are very different in the new timeline. Michael reportedly ran away from his wife after landing in the US and has been living away. It turns out Angela has also decided to let go of Michael and decided to move on to someone new. Fans spotted her in a new place and suspected her of reconciling with her old crush! Who is it?

90 Day Fiance: Angela Goes To Canada! Trying To Reconcile With Her Old Crush, Billy?

Angela’s popularity skyrocketed after 90 Day Fiance. Following this she ended up making tons of friends. One of them was also a Tiktoker TheOriginalThiefOfHearts i.e., Billy. He also appeared on the show as the star video called him. In fact, Angela was willing to go all the way to Canada to meet him. Michael was against this and considered it borderline cheating, so his wife didn’t go.

As mentioned above, Angela and Michael have most likely split, as evident on social media. The latter ran away from his wife with a burner phone and is in Indianapolis. It seems like Angela has finally made the decision to move on. That’s because a fan page, Shabooty, mentioned fans spotted and clicked pictures of Angela in Canada.

Now, viewers suspect that Angela must be in Canada to reconcile with her crush, The Original TheifOfHearts. He used to be a stripper in the 1980s and raised money on TikTok to fight his kidney failure and, later, cancer battle. While Angela has not yet confirmed this, 90 Day Fiance fans feel she must be in Canada to meet him.

90 Day Fiance: Michael Also Living It Up In Indianapolis! Partying With The Ladies!

While Angela has been in Canada, viewers also have their eyes on Michael Ilesanmi. The 90 Day Fiance star was first reported missing a few months ago. But then he himself called the cops to inform them he ran away from his wife because he feared for his life. Since then, fans have spotted him in Indianapolis and Texas.

In a new video, fans spotted Michael dancing with a bunch of people and some ladies. Everyone was glad how happy he looked. They feel he deserves to be away from Angela after dealing with tons of abuse and other sorts of mistreatment. All of it has been unfolding in the current Happily Ever After season. Fans will get a clear picture of the season finale.

While Michael has not yet revealed too much about his living conditions, fans can sense he is much happier.

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