90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Insults Michael During Her Latest Nightclub Appearence!

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem might not be in direct contact with Michael Ilesanmi, but she never leaves a chance to bring him down. She has been making mean comments and has been slamming him for a while now. Apparently, viewers are well aware of how Deem knows no limits when she is against someone.

Hence, Angela doesn’t let



Michael escape easily. She recently ended up putting him down during her recent appearance at the nightclub. Deem did some nasty things and left her audience in disbelief. What did she do? What is she up to now?

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Demeans Michael During Her Nightclub Appearence

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem has already made it clear that she would make Michael’s life hell. She isn’t planning to divorce the latter and is willing to make him have the taste of his own medicine. Hence, the celeb is determined to make things worse for her husband. After all this, Deem ended up demeaning Michael during her nightclub appearance.

A clip recently went viral in which Angela was spotted dancing at a nightclub while she enjoyed her stardom. However, she was quick to come up with a poster, “I’m Done Michael.” She showed it to the crowd, which went wild and cheered up for her. However, some critics felt that it was simply unnecessary for her to do this at all.

But that’s not all. A famous blogger named Shabooty recently shared an exclusive clip of Angela from this event. He revealed in the caption that Deem was at the “Seventy Seven” club in Hamilton, Ontario. The source claimed that she was actually charging $5 for clicking pictures with her own fans while she was tempting them with the poster related to Michael. Fans were quick to call Angela out for using her husband to gain attention at clubs.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Wants To Replace Michael?

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem is not only demeaning Michael, but she also appears to be determined to replace her. Apparently, she has been spotted flirting and getting cozy with some new men these days. The celeb initially traveled all the way to Canada just to join her long-term crush’s fundraiser event. YES! Deem went to meet none other than BILLY.

Angela shared the stage with Billy, and they showed off their sexy moves. But that’s not all. Soon after this, Deem posted a TikTok with a mysterious man. She sat close to him and pulled him even closer in the clip. Angela wrapped her arms around his neck and got cozy. As the dynamics were spicing up, the noted man also appeared to be really comfortable and was clearly enjoying the way Deem was flirting with him.

This makes it clear that Angela is now determined to get another man by hook or by crook. Moreover, there is a fair chance that she wants to show Michael what he is missing. Viewers are now wondering what else she is going to do.

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