‘90 Day Fiancé’: Angela Threatens To REPORT Michael

Angela from “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” is furious after finding suspicious texts on Michael’s phone. She consults an immigration lawyer, determined to protect her hard-earned money. Angela plans to report Michael to the federal government if he continues his alleged scam. Meanwhile, Gino and Jasmine are working on their relationship, tackling intimacy issues. Jasmine suggests unconventional methods to maintain peace, while Gino reassures her of his attraction.

Lauren’s recovery from surgery strains her relationship with Alex, who feels overwhelmed by household duties. Their argument escalates as Alex accuses Lauren of downplaying the recovery process, leading to a tense night.

Patrick, Th, and their fathers engage in a heated debate about a blessing, resulting in a drink being thrown. Emily’s parents get emotional over the bride price from Kobe’s family, fearing the tradition might change their relationship dynamics.

Big Ed and Liz have a major argument while she packs her things, with Liz criticizing Ed’s communication skills and calling him a child. Sophie decides to stay with a friend after an argument with Rob, who blames Sophie’s mother for their issues.

Angela’s confrontation with Michael culminates in a yelling match, with her threatening to report him to the government. The episode ends with Michael trying to grab Angela’s phone as production calls for hotel security.

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