90 Day Fiancé: Angry Angela UNHINGED, Attacks Kim With Nasty Insults For Supporting Michael!

Angela Deem’s tumultuous relationship with Michael Ilesanmi has taken a drastic turn, with Angela’s behavior becoming increasingly erratic and concerning. Here’s a breakdown of the latest developments in their saga:

  1. The Snowball Effect: Michael’s decision to run away from Angela, citing fear for his life, has triggered a series of events leading to a breakdown in their relationship. Angela has been seen spiraling out of control, engaging in questionable behavior like drinking, smoking, and being seen with other men.
  2. Financial and Emotional Strain: The situation has also raised questions about Angela’s health and well-being. Speculation suggests that the stress of the relationship, compounded by financial issues due to TLC cutting out parts of their storyline, has taken a toll on Angela’s psyche.
  3. Lashing Out: Angela’s frustration has spilled over to other ’90 Day Fiancé’ cast members. She has threatened legal action against Cynthia Decker and Kimberly Menzies for their support of Michael, calling them “two-faced” and “irrelevant.”
  4. Control and Publicity: There’s speculation that Angela’s desire to control Michael stems from a need for attention and drama, as evidenced by her previous appearances on reality shows. Her attempts to control him emotionally, psychologically, and financially suggest a deeper need for dominance.
  5. Michael’s Response: Despite Angela’s tirades, Michael has remained relatively calm, focusing on positive and uplifting messages on his Instagram. He has also hinted at a possible new love interest, leaving fans curious about his future plans.
  6. Speculation and Hope: Fans are eager to see how Michael’s life unfolds post-Angela. Will he stay in the USA or find a new girlfriend? Speculation abounds, fueled by Michael’s cryptic posts and the intrigue surrounding his next steps.

In conclusion, Angela Deem’s behavior and actions reflect a deeper struggle for control and attention. While the saga with Michael continues to unfold, fans are left wondering about the future of these two ’90 Day Fiancé’ stars.

90 Day Fiancé: Angry Angela UNHINGED, Attacks Kim With Nasty Insults For  Supporting Michael!

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