‘90 Day Fiancé’: Ani DUMPS Kyle

Ani confronted Kyle, expressing frustration over his lack of honesty. While she had been transparent about briefly dating someone else during their relationship, she felt Kyle was withholding information. In a tense moment, Ani asked Kyle when he last hooked up with someone else, highlighting her distrust.

Meanwhile, on “90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise,” Luke was upset with Meline for sleeping in the same bed as another man, though she argued it was a mistake. Their argument intensified as she resisted his controlling behavior. Despite their conflicts, they attempted to reconcile during a boat excursion.

In another relationship, Sean agreed to be monogamous with Aaliyah when she moved to the U.S., but struggled with her boundaries regarding his friends. Similarly, Adriano and Alex faced turmoil after Adriano suggested a threesome with Alex’s cousin, leading to a heated confrontation and an uncertain future for the couple.

Ani, still upset with Kyle, demanded transparency. Kyle attempted to placate her with STI test results, but the gesture fell flat. Ani revealed she had hooked up with someone just before Kyle’s arrival, which hurt him deeply. She then gave Kyle an ultimatum: her or his sperm donation activities. Kyle chose the latter, leading Ani to end their relationship, unable to accept his ongoing involvement with other women.

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