90 Day Fiance: Anny Claps Back at Fan Bashing Baby News

Anny Francisco Matos from 90 Day Fiance claps back at a fan who bashed her baby news. She and Robert Springs are expecting baby #3. Yet, one fan thinks the pair already has too many kids.


90 Day Fiance: Anny Francisco Matos & Robert Springs Grow Family

Anny Francisco Matos and Robert Springs recently revealed that they are welcoming another baby. The TLC couple are already parents to their daughter, Brenda Aaliyah. They then grew their family again with another baby. They had a baby boy named Adriel Hassan.


90 Day Fiance: Anny Francisco Matos


Anny Francisco Matos & Robert Springs | Instagram

Unfortunately, the 90 Day Fiance reality stars’ son dealt with health issues not long after his birth. They kept the details of their son’s medical journey a secret and never shared much information about what they were going through. However, their son’s health didn’t improve, and he passed away seven months after birth.

Anny and Robert never thought that they would have to deal with losing a child. It was a tough time for them. They were devastated and heartbroken. But they had kids at home who needed them. So, they know that staying strong for their children is important.

Anny’s Dream Of Motherhood Comes True

Anny became a first-time parent when she gave birth to her daughter, Brenda Aaliyah. However, Robert was no stranger to fatherhood. He has five children from previous relationships. She was shocked when she found out the man she was about to marry had that many kids. But it didn’t change how she felt about him.




The 90 Day Fiance cast member doesn’t see all his children often. However, he has been raising his son, Bryson. So, when his wife came into the picture, she took on the role of his son’s mother. Yet, taking on the role wasn’t easy at the start. It was a big change for her.

Anny has always known that she wanted to be a mother. However, getting pregnant was a challenge. She didn’t know if she could ever have a child of her own. So, when she found out she was pregnant with her daughter, it was a dream come true. And now she has another bundle of joy on the way.

90 Day Fiance: Anny Francisco Matos
90 Day Fiance | Instagram

90 Day Fiance Celeb Slams Fans’ Hate Comment

Anny Francisco Matos and Robert Springs got a lot of kind messages from fans after they announced the baby #3 news. Many people were happy for them, especially after dealing with the loss of their son. They hope that this baby brings them joy. Fans also can’t wait to find out if they are expecting a baby girl or boy.

However, not every 90 Day Fiance fan had something nice to say. One person felt that they have “like 20 kids already.” However, Anny told the fan that she only has one daughter and a son she lost. Robert’s wife finds it “so sad how people judge” her for marrying a man who already had kids.

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