90 Day Fiance: Benjamin & Akinyi Share Tragic Story, Struggling With Infertility!

Benjamin and Akinyi became part of 90 Day Fiance due to Before the 90 Days. They had quite a journey after meeting online and falling in love. The former had to fly to Kenya and get approval from the latter’s parents to marry their daughter. At first, they wanted to just get engaged, but after finalizing the bride price, Benjamin also got permission to marry Akinyi.


90 Day Fiance

Yet, they decided not to hold the ceremony in Kenya. That’s because Benjamin, being a single dad, had his son in the US, and he had not yet met Akinyi. Finally, the couple came to America and finally tied the knot after the pandemic lockdown. After being together for 3 years, they still haven’t expanded their family. But they finally spoke up on this matter recently.

90 Day Fiance: Benjamin & Akinyi Make A Heartbreaking Post About Not Being Able To Have Kids!

It’s been a few years since 90 Day Fiance fans got to see Akinyi and Benjamin. When they debuted, viewers weren’t so sure of their bond due to their awkwardness. But at last, when the season wrapped up, they realized they were in it for the long run. In 2021, the couple finally tied the knot in America, but their series of challenges didn’t end.

There was also news in 2022 about Benjamin and Akinyi struggling a lot financially and working multiple jobs to make ends meet. But now that they are in a much better zone, they are dealing with yet another problem. In a new YouTube video, the couple got very vulnerable. It’s because they shared heartbreaking details about their infertility journey.

Viewers would also bombard them with questions about not expanding their family yet. Benjamin and Akinyi mentioned how all of it has affected them and their mental health. After trying to conceive for a while and failing, it hasn’t been easy for them to address this matter. While they are still not sure if they will take the IVF route or not, they assured 90 Day Fiance viewers that they would keep them in the loop if that happened.

90 Day Fiance: Did Akinyi Post her Pregnancy Test Online? What Did It Say?

Akinyi and Benjamin didn’t seem promising at the beginning of 90 Day Fiance. But as the season ended, they beautifully proved the audience wrong by showcasing their love and commitment to one another. The couple was very active on social media at one point. In July 2021, Akinyi posted a picture of a test that looked like a pregnancy test.

90 Day Fiance

Shockingly, it had a smiley face on it. Viewers began to assume that she must be pregnant. But Akinyi soon cleared all doubts by revealing it was just an “ovulation test.” Hence, they have been trying to conceive since 2021 and have had no luck in the last three years. But viewers are hopeful and send prayers their way after they share their journey.

Would you want to see Akinyi and Benjamin on the show once again? Would they have an interesting journey if they took the IFV route and documented it on 90 Day Fiance? Tell us in the comments.

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