90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Misses His ‘S*xually Aggressive’ Liz As She Is ‘Pretty Tough To Beat’ In Bed!

Big Ed and Liz Woods had a long journey during their 90 Day Fiance appearance. They had many good and bad times, and they ended up on a chaotic note. However, Ed is now willing to remember all the memorable memories that he made with his ex-fiance and recently talked about her spicy bedroom life.


90 Day Fiance

Ed reflected on his marathon s*x with Liz and accused the latter of being ‘sexually aggressive.’ He further made some shocking confessions after claiming that Woods would be pretty tough to beat in the bed. What else does Ed have to say after their breakup?

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Calls Liz ‘Sexually Aggressive’ After Reflecting On Their Marathon S*x!

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After featured Big Ed’s decision to call off his wedding just two months before their big day. He understood that they weren’t an ideal match, so the celeb felt that parting ways was the best decision for the couple. However, there still are moments when he is reminded of his former fiance.

During a recent ‘Reality Rewatch,’ Big Ed saw many controversial moments of his journey and reflected on them. One of them was when he had intimacy with Liz Woods for the first time. The celeb revealed that they had s*x for the entire night. Ed explained how Woods was way more “sexually aggressive” than him in their relationship.

90 day fiance

Ed used to love this side of Liz and often “appreciated” it as well. He added, “Liz is gonna be somebody pretty tough to beat in the bedroom.” But that’s not all. The celeb revealed to People that the former couple had several “marathon events” during their relationship. Ed recalled instances when they did it for “eight times” straight! He admitted that he would surely miss this side of Liz while he was talking about making love to her on his “outdoor patio area” all night.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Doesn’t Regret Letting Liz Woods Go!

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed admitted that there were some parts of Liz Woods that he would definitely miss. But he believes that their breakup was for all good reasons. The celeb explained that he would never “regret” being with Woods and wouldn’t even try to “erase” that part of his life, but he doesn’t regret “letting her go.”


Ed explained that he expects his partner to love all the good and bad sides of him. But there were times when he felt that he wasn’t getting that love from Liz. Hence, the celeb knew that they weren’t an ideal match at all. Big Ed reflected on how difficult it was for him to let Woods go, as it’s never easy to part ways with someone a person loves.

However, Big Ed now wants Liz to lead a happy life. He admitted that he has no harsh feelings and is simply keeping all their good times in his mind. Hence, the celeb wants the latter also to do the same and move on in her life.

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