90 Day Fiance: Daniele Gates Reconciled With Her Ex-Boyfriend After Yohan Split?

90 Day Fiance star Daniele Gates has finally given up on her relationship with Yohan. This came after she exposed the latter’s cheating scandals and lunatic behavior. Hence, the couple’s marriage was clearly jeopardized after they finally decided to part ways and never look back.



However, it appears that Gates has now decided to finally move on in her life. Fans recently spotted her with a new man. Daniele was travelling with a new handsome hunk, and viewers were sure that something was cooking behind their backs. Is this true? Is Gates really dating someone new?

90 Day Fiance: Daniele’s New Man Is Her Ex-Boyfriend?

90 Day Fiance star Daniele Gates is no longer with Yohan, and viewers believe that this was for her own good. Soon after her split, the celeb ended up making headlines with Razvan Ciocoi. They were spotted together and fans wondered if she was dating him. However, Gates made it clear that this wasn’t a “thing” and asked her audience to calm down.



After all this, Daniele is again surrounded by dating rumours these days. It all started when she posted a carousel of pictures with a new handsome m an. Fans were quick to notice that this was none other than Gates’ ex-boyfriend, Taylen. Apparently, he even traveled all the way to the Dominican Republic just to meet Daniele when she was married to Yohan!

Fans were in shock and wondered if Daniele had actually reconciled with her ex-boyfriend. Both of them have been hanging out in New York and have posted several pictures together. They appeared to be really happy together while they posed for each click and stood close to each other. Hence, viewers are convinced that Gates and Taylen’s lost love has sparked up again, and something is surely cooking between these two.

90 Day Fiance: Who Is Taylen? Why Yohan Got Insecure Because Of Him?

Daniele Gates revealed during her 90 Day Fiance appearance that she dated Taylen during the Covid phase. She explained that within 2-3 weeks of meeting, these two ended up dating each other for a few months. However, the couple made it clear that it wasn’t a long-term thing and that they were together just for fun. Amid all this, they ended up forming a bond, and they remained besties even after their breakup.



Apparently, Yohan was in shock when he saw Taylen coming to the Dominican Republic just to meet Daniele. He evidently became insecure as the latter was a handsome hunk with a muscular body. The celeb even compared his height to Taylen’s and ended up asking about his genitals’ size. However, the latter made it clear that he had no plans of stealing Gates from Yohan.

But as per the current scenario, Yohan and Daniele are no longer together. So, there is a fair chance that Taylen and Gates decided to give their love another chance, and perhaps it could turn into something serious this time! However, viewers are still waiting for these two to confirm these speculations.

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