90 Day Fiance: David Got Plastic Surgery So He Won’t Look Like A ‘Grandpa’ To His Baby With Annie?

Annie and David began their journey on 90 Day Fiance Season 5. Usually, cast members of the show are toxic and dramatic from the beginning while trying to tie the knot. But David and Annie have had a success story. At first, the former was jobless, had a gambling addiction, and a strained bond with his previous family members.


90 Day Fiance

But as soon as Annie came into David’s life, he put in the work to mend his ways and became a good person. Hence, they are considered America’s sweethearts and often get tons of love. In their new phase, the couple is trying to get pregnant. David decided to make yet another change within himself to welcome parenthood with Annie. What did he do?

90 Day Fiance: David Shares New Cosmetic Procedure He Underwent Before Baby’s Arrival!

David Toborowski is one among quite a few fan favorites from 90 Day Fiance. Over the years. he has become the kind of man who stops at nothing when it comes to making Annie happy. Together, they have been living a happy married life. But something was lacking so they decided it was time to welcome parenthood. It was tough getting David on board, as he is in his 50s and already has a family from a previous marriage but Annie is still young in her late 20s.


But after going back and forth, the couple finally decided to take the IVF route to welcome a baby into their life. Since then, Annie has been going through many procedures to prepare herself for the egg transfer. Recently, David decided to do something of his own too in hopes of welcoming the baby. He flaunted his microblading procedure.

David joked while showing off his procedure that he doesn’t want the future baby to think he’s his grandpa instead of his dad. The 90 Day Fiance fans had a laugh over this and appreciated David for experimenting with his looks. Tons of them cheered him on by saying his new eyebrows looked good with his face structure.

90 Day Fiance: David Asked Fans For Prayers Before Annie’s Serious Surgery!

As David and Annie have started their IVF journey, they often give updates to 90 Day Fiance fans about how it’s been going. In a concerning post, the former had asked everyone to pray for his wife. He also explained that it was because they were about to go through a crucial journey for the “egg transfer.”


Viewers knew how long this IVF procedure has taken for the couple to reach this important stage. Hence, they wished Annie and David the very best and hoped the surgery would be successful. Well, Annie finally shared a picture on her feed implying that the surgery went well, and even had a photo of her baby.

Do you think David and Annie will return to the franchise to showcase their baby journey in detail? Would you want to see them for another season? Tell us in the comments.

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