90 Day Fiancé: Did Jasmine Pineda Cheat On Gino Palazzolo With Rumored New Boyfriend Matt?

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star Jasmine Pineda has a new boyfriend named Matt Branis, but did she cheat on Gino Palazzolo with him? Jasmine from Panama was in love with Gino when they met for the first time in her city on Before the 90 Days season 5. Jasmine displayed extreme jealousy towards any women in Gino’s past. She became insecure when she saw Gino interacting with even a waitress. Jasmine wanted Gino to send her “evidence and reports,” which meant his location when he was out so she knew he wasn’t cheating.


When Jasmine came to America, she became inconsolable after discovering a lip gloss tube underneath one of Gino’s car seats. Gino insisted he didn’t know who it belonged to, but Jasmine was certain he had been cheating. She threatened to leave Gino when she discovered he had gone to a strip club for his bachelor party. When one of the strippers was invited to the Tell All, Jasmine was jealous of her because Gino had never looked at her like he looked at the dancer. The same Jasmine is now being accused of cheating on Gino.

How Did Gino & Jasmine Meet?

90 Day Fiancé's Jasmine Pineda speaks in front of Gino Palazzolo's family, who are eating.

Gino paid women to go on dinner dates with him, but he realized it wasn’t a good way for him to find true love.

Meanwhile, Jasmine had told Gino, “I’m sorry, I’m not a sugar baby. I prefer to have three, four, five, six, seven jobs.”

She accused men like Gino of taking advantage of women in need. While Jasmine had proudly proclaimed she didn’t need a sugar daddy, the truth came out during the Tell All where Gino admitted that he’d also met Jasmine on a sugar baby site. Jasmine claimed that she had a best friend who suggested putting an ad for Jasmine on a website for “dating internationally” and added she had no idea what the website was about.

Jasmine Was Dating Australian Man Dane Before Gino

Jasmine Pineda and her ex-boyfriend Dane from 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days

Jasmine introduced her ex-boyfriend Dane to viewers on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 6. Jasmine said she was with Dane for only a short amount of time. While Dane was a “good guy” and was handsome, Jasmine wanted “chaos” and “passion” in a relationship. To Jasmine, Dane came across as “too delicate like a prince” and she met Gino after her breakup. Jasmine went to live in the same apartment complex as Dane while Gino paid her rent. She didn’t tell Gino about Dane since she didn’t want him to get the “wrong idea” about them.

Jasmine Told Gino She Cheated On Him With Dane

90 Day Fiance's Jasmine Pineda holding her phone and ex Dane

Interestingly, Jasmine compared Gino to Dane during one of their arguments while claiming the Australian man was better than him in bed. “I’m gonna go and f**** my ex that knows how to f*** me,” Jasmine screamed because Gino had called her spoiled and refused to continue paying for her apartment. He said they could instead find her a cheaper place and it angered Jasmine. She told Gino she had a video of her having sex with Dane from a month ago. However, during the Tell All, Jasmine confirmed that while a video did exist, it was made months before she even met Gino.

Jasmine Called Gino A Cheater For Lip Gloss Incident

Jasmine didn’t deny that she was meeting Dane behind Gino’s back. She’d even gone out with him on Valentine’s Day 2023, just before she moved to the States. Jasmine said both she and Dane were unaware of the date because it was supposed to be her goodbye dinner. Meanwhile, Jasmine revealed Dane had contributed $2,000 toward her recent butt implants. At the same time, Jasmine kept accusing Gino of being a cheater despite her own shady behavior. She had a public meltdown when she discovered a used lip gloss tube under Gino’s car seat. Fans believe Jasmine herself had planted it.

Jasmine Sparked Split Rumors With Gino In January 2024

 90 Day Fiancé Season 10 's jasmine and gino on their wedding day with other cast member weddings behind them

Jasmine and Gino began showing signs of a split in January 2024. Jasmine had stopped wearing her ring. It was evident because Gino had bought her a “real diamond” when he proposed to her yet again days before their wedding. Jasmine had cried when accepting it because the first ring was “cheap as f***.” Jasmine also started posting photos of her traveling to New York as she worked on the launch of Jazzy Fitness. Gino wasn’t with her supporting his wife’s entrepreneurial dreams. Gino was also nowhere to be seen on Jasmine’s Instagram feed as she’d removed all his pictures.

Jasmine Allegedly Cheated On Gino With Romanian Man Matt


In May 2024, 90dayfianceupdate shared the shocking update that Jasmine had a new boyfriend named Matt. Jasmine reportedly met Matt at Planet Fitness in Belleville, Michigan in November 2023. It appeared to be the same gym where Gino was driving her to every day. Matt is a struggling actor and Romanian-American. While Gino is under NDA and won’t talk about what happened between him and Jasmine until it’s on air, the blogger claims that Gino caught Jasmine cheating on him in December 2023. Gino then proceeded to kick Jasmine out of his house.

Is Jasmine Still Living With Her Boyfriend?


It seems Jasmine went to live with Matt after she was kicked out. 90dayfianceupdate has photos that show Jasmine in Matt’s living room and bed. She’s also posted pictures of a dining table with food and plates which matched the photos that Matt had on his Instagram feed. Once they were caught, Matt deleted the pics. Interestingly, Matt is openly commenting on Jasmine’s photos and flirting with her for all to see. His latest comment on Jasmine’s Instagram post reads, “Looking clean in all jean,” (via 90dayfianceupate.) Matt proceeds to call Jasmine his “yommy.” Jasmine’s response is a giggling emoji and the hashtag “#blushed.”

What Jasmine Has Said About Cheating Rumor

Jasmine Pineda In 90 Day Fiance on Instagram stories in beige knitted dress with bougainvillea bouganvellia

Jasmine has already been teasing the presence of a new man in her life on her TikTok where she’s seen interacting with someone during her livestreams. In one of her videos, Jasmine also calls the man her “chihuahua.” A different clip posted by @90dayfiance.news on TikTok showed a glimpse of a man’s legs in Jasmine’s Live and fans deduced they didn’t belong to Gino. Meanwhile, Jasmine said she wasn’t going to address “any nonsense gossip” on her social media. The 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star wants to use her accounts to promote brands and sell her own services.

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