90 Day Fiancé: Emily’s mom THREATENS Her African Wedding With Kobe

If a bride price is not paid, there won’t be any wedding. Personally, I haven’t decided if this will happen, but it’s part of the tradition. In the end, we are given money, and they’re taking Emily. What does that mean? Ma’am, she’s going home with you. Emily’s mom is giving Emily and Kobe something else to stress about ahead of their traditional African wedding.

Emily’s mom doesn’t want to actively participate in taking money for Emily, even though Kobe has explained that it’s a sign of appreciation. She feels like they’re selling their daughter, but that’s not the case. Despite her feelings, this is a tradition, and Kobe’s family views it as honoring their customs.

Hey 90 Day fans, it’s Melissa. Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Shout out to my mom, who I appreciate and love so much. Now, let’s get into some updates before discussing Emily and Kobe.

Lauren had me laughing after her mommy makeover surgery. She looked snatched! It’s funny now, but the recovery process is no joke. Alex will need to help her with everything, including the most personal tasks. Shout out to him for sticking to his vows—love and commitment right there.

Ed admits he struggles in the good man department. He and Liz finally meet up after he canceled their wedding without telling her. Ed felt himself falling out of love with Liz, but Liz still wants to be with him. It’s not like she wants someone else; she just wants to be single. Ed’s actions have hurt Liz, but she still hopes for a future together. It’s tough to imagine your partner with someone else after a breakup, especially when you’ve invested so much into the relationship.

Rob gets mad at Sophie during therapy when she outs his type. She points out that the women he follows online are muscular fitness types, which isn’t her. Rob denies having a fetish for muscular women, but Sophie feels invalidated.

Back to Emily and Kobe: their Cameroonian traditional wedding ceremony is coming up. Emily’s dad has done his research and made a list of requests from Kobe’s family for the knock door ceremony. He asks for things like a goat, palm oil, and African shirts. He’s embracing the process, but Emily’s mom isn’t as enthusiastic.

Emily’s mom has an issue with the bride price, seeing it as selling their daughter. Kobe explains it’s a way to honor the tradition and show appreciation for how Emily was raised. Despite her feelings, Emily’s mom needs to understand that this tradition is crucial for Kobe’s family to take the marriage seriously.

If there’s no bride price, there won’t be a traditional wedding. Emily’s mom is stuck on the principle, but it’s important to respect this part of Kobe’s culture. This isn’t about taking Emily away; it’s about honoring a long-standing tradition. Emily and Kobe are already married, and this ceremony is just another step in solidifying their union.

Do you agree with Emily’s mom? Share your thoughts in the comments. Make sure you stick with ET for all the latest updates. See you next time!

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