90 Day Fiance: How Did Big Ed Actually Find Another GIRLFRIEND?

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed never really had a stable relationship throughout his life. He has been with a couple of women in the past and couldn’t make any of them work on a long-term basis. However, it appears that the celeb is a hopelessly romantic person who has again got a girlfriend and is giving love another try.



But viewers were in disbelief as they never really expected any woman to date Big Ed after they had watched these instances of him. They pointed out some of the most gross things that he had done and wondered how a lady could still think of dating him. What are these instances all about?

90 Day Fiance: How Can Big Ed Find A Girlfriend AFTER THIS!

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed has a long list of bizarre things he has done in his past relationships. First and foremost, he cheated on his wife, Sandra, within just two years of marriage. The celeb considered it a “stupid mistake” that cost him his marriage! But that’s not all. Ed initially didn’t date for a few years but soon found a 23-year-old girl at the age of 54!

He started to date Rose Vega, and it was a cringe-worthy saga! Fans squirmed in their seats when they saw Big Ed shaving the latter’s legs just because they were a bit hairy! YES! He made remarks about Rose’s legs and claimed that they were “less feminine” and the hair she had was “gross.”


But the list doesn’t end here! Big Ed doesn’t have a great record with Liz Woods. Viewers might remember hearing him use the f-word around 19 times in a leaked call conversation with the latter. The celeb has even humiliated Woods uncountable times on national television and kicked her out of his house. Ed promised to marry Liz and then flipped just a few months before his big day. Hence, he did every possible thing to shatter the latter’s heart!

90 Day Fiance: Big Has Huge EXPECTATIONS From His Girlfriend

Big Ed had one of the grossest things under his name during his 90 Day Fiance journey. Yet, he hasn’t given up on his expectations. The celeb still has high hopes when it comes to his love life. After breaking up with Liz Woods, the celeb recently revealed that he had met an amazing woman and that things were going great for him.

Big Ed even talked about his willingness to date a “conservative Christian woman.” Fans were in shock and wondered how he could even think of getting such a lady after whatever he had done in the past. However, the celeb has recently been flaunting his newfound love with an anonymous blond woman.

Viewers are wondering how Big Ed could get another lady after his chaotic relationship with Liz Woods. That is why they are accusing his new girlfriend of being a clout chaser. Apparently, they believe that she is dating Ed just to get some fame and name out of the massive stardom that the celeb has.

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