90 Day Fiance: Is Kim Menzies Dating THIS Controversial Co-Star?

Kimberly Menzies is one of the OGs of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Her storyline with Usman Umar gained significant attention from her audience until they had a chaotic breakup. Since then, the celeb has been taking her own time to heal and didn’t jump into the dating pool right away.



However, now it appears that Kim is finally ready to date. It seems that she has finally found someone new and is perhaps dating this controversial co-star! Is this true? Who is Menzies’ new beau? Do we know him?

90 Day Fiance: Is This Co-Star Kimberly’s New Beau?

90 Day Fiance fans were curious to know if Kim Menzies had moved on in her life or not. They are willing to see her diving back into the dating pool and exploring again. The celeb even confirmed that she was talking to someone new these days and was hoping that things would go in her favour. Amid all this, Menzies ended up sparking rumours with THIS co-star!

It all started when Kim recently took to Instagram and shared a picture with non other than ROB WARNE! Yes, she was hanging out with the latter and appeared to be really enjoying with him. The noted snap was a selfie in which these two sat together and grinned at the camera. But that’s not all.


Kim even wrote, “MY NEW BFF.” This made it clear that their bond was growing. Though Menzies didn’t hint at something romantic going on, viewers were able to feel a spark between them. Moroever, Kim has a history of dating younger men, which is why fans are convinced that this could be her new love interest. However, both the noted celebs posted several more pictures that made it clear that they weren’t hanging out alone and were with a huge group!

90 Day Fiance: Is Rob An Ideal Match For Kimberly?

90 Day Fiance viewers were in disbelief when they sensed Kimberly Menzies and Rob Warne’s growing bond. Apparently, the former is a fan-favorite star and her audience doesn’t want her to experience another heartbreak. Several viewers begged her to run as soon as possible as they believed that Warne wasn’t really her ideal match.

This is because Rob has a chaotic storyline with Sophie. Several leaked videos exposed his abusive nature while viewers accused him of being narcissistic. On the other hand, Kim has already shared her “requirements” list for having a boyfriend. She made it clear that she doesn’t want a man who is “married” or in a “relationship.”



Kim wants to date a man who is “authentic” and doesn’t want kids. She admitted that she is willing to find someone who loves to travel and is financially secure. Apparently, none of this fits Rob well. Hence, viewers are sure that Warne should be the last person on Menzies’ list to date! Yet they are now wondering what fate has to offer these two and if they will end up together or not.

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