90 Day Fiancé Jasmine Addresses Pregnancy Rumors with New Boyfriend Matt After Fans Notice Baby Bump

This week, 90 Day Fiancé star Jasmine Pineda was in New York. It’s unclear whether she was there to film the Tell All of the second season of The Last Resort or for potential business opportunities, as she has a large following on her social media pages and aims to become a full-time fitness influencer. Jasmine shared an Instagram reel promoting a hotel where she stayed in Manhattan. However, the fans didn’t care about what she was promoting. Instead, their Sharp-eyes noticed what seemed to be a baby bump, and they immediately started to ask Jasmine about it in the comments section of the promo post.

90 Day Fiancé's Jasmine Pineda Lashes Out After Pregnancy Rumors Get Out Of Control

Jasmine has been enduring a lack of intimacy in her marriage with her American husband, Gino, for over a year. She has now moved in with her new boyfriend, Matt, and it’s natural for her to seek to address the intimacy she’s been missing. One common misconception about Jasmine is that she is underestimated as unintelligent when, in reality, she possesses greater intelligence than meets the eye. As a 39-year-old reality TV star, she is unlikely to jeopardize the thousands of dollars she has invested in shaping her body and her potential career as a fitness influencer to have another baby, especially since she already has two kids in Panama, whom she abandoned.

The Crazy Panamanian had to limit the comments under her promotional Instagram reel as the fans were ruining her brand deal with the Manhattan Hotel since most of them were asking whether she was pregnant or not instead of inquiring about the hotel.

Jasmine felt the need to address pregnancy rumors by publishing an Instagram story to explain her bloated belly in the hotel promo video. She clarified that it was just “that time of the month” when the video was filmed and asked her followers to stop body shaming and making offensive comments about her appearance.

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