90 Day Fiance: Jasmine’s New Man Is Using Her? He Is A Struggling ACTOR!


Jasmine Pineda has ended up becoming a household name in the 90 Day Fiance realm. She has a massive fan following, and viewers used to watch her chaotic relationship with Gino. Amid all this, the celeb has been surrounded by rumors claiming that she is dating someone new.

Apparently, viewers were curious to know more about Pineda’s mystery man and learned that he was an ACTOR. This made them wonder if he was actually using her for clout. Is this true? Is Jasmine getting exploited by her new man?

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine’s New Boyfriend Is An ACTOR

90 Day Fiance star Jasmine Pineda has been throwing hints that she is no longer with Gino. Several reports claimed that the latter has moved on in her life and has found a new man. Apparently, the celeb allegedly cheated on her husband with a guy she met in her gym. Hence, many sources reported that the American native ended up kicking her out of his house.

Amid all this, fans learned that Jasmine’s new man is a guy named Matt. He is a Romanian American who is currently dating her. But that’s not all. The celeb’s LinkedIn profile started to surface on the internet. It claimed that Matt was a struggling actor who had been in the acting industry since 2007. He says that he is also an SAG-eligible Actor.

Moreover, Jasmine’s new man has a “9-5 job in the Detroit Entertainment industry.” On his profile, he claimed that he wants to make a “living” from his acting career. That convinced viewers that he was using Jasmine for clout. Apparently, if he dates her, he would easily be able to make a debut in the reality TV realm. Several users agreed that Matt perhaps is simply willing to get “famous” and isn’t really in love with Pineda.

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Is Allegedly Living With Her New Boyfriend

Several sources claimed that Jasmine and Gino parted ways back in December 2023. They reported that the former met her new man in November and ended up cheating on him. Hence, when the American native learned about all this, he allegedly kicked her out of his Michigan house.

90 Day fiance

Since then, Jasmine has been reported to be living with Matt in his house. 90dayfianceupdate recently claimed that these two were posting pictures of the same cutlery and food on Instagram. It shared a carousel of pictures in which Pineda was lying on her boyfriend’s bed, dressed in a lingerie with rose petals all around her.

However, Jasmine isn’t ready to clear the air at all. She simply stated that her social media wasn’t meant for such gossip, and she appeared to be least bothered. This further was an eyebrow-raiser, and fans are now waiting for the Tell All episode to air. That is when the truth will finally come out, and the couple will be able to speak without any issues with their NDA. Hence, it will be interesting to watch what else is more to come

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