90 Day Fiance: Kalani Welcomes Baby Girl With BF Dallas After Secret Pregnancy [Photos]

Kalani Faagata has been a consistent part of 90 Day Fiance ever since she made her debut on the show. She first appeared alongside Asuelu Pulaa from Samoa, and they both moved to America. They had not one but two surprise pregnancies that bound them together, but after years of a toxic marriage, they parted ways.

90 Day Fiance

When they were on the verge of parting ways, Kalani met the “hall pass” guy. Because Asuleu had a history of cheating, he gave his wife a “hall pass” to call it even. That’s how she met Dallas, and they both hit it off. Now, she is divorced from her husband and in a new relationship. It’s only been 16 months since Kalani began dating, and they have already become parents and welcomed a baby girl!

90 Day Fiance: Kalani Reveals She Gave Birth Again! Welcomes Baby #3

Kalani Faagata has had a very interesting journey on 90 Day Fiance. Despite tying the knot with Asuelu and having two kids, the cracks in their marriage continued to intensify. At last, they also joined The Last Resort spin-off to see if they could save their bond. But after Asuelu’s cheating history came into the limelight and Kalani revealed her affair with the “hall pass” guy, everyone realized they were done for good. Since then, she revealed that she had also started dating a new man.

Fans got to know Kalani’s new boyfriend through her social media posts and found out his name was Dallas Nuez. Their relationship got very serious in the span of 16 months. The TV celeb made him meet her kids and also her family. But Kalani really shocked everyone by announcing the birth of her third baby. Yes, she and Dallas had a baby together.

In a new Instagram post, Kalani shared a beautiful picture of a baby girl and introduced everyone to her daughter. She had tagged Dallas in the post, implying that he was the dad. While she revealed it was a girl but didn’t mention her name. The new mother added emojis of the moon, some hearts, and a bumblebee. She will probably reveal more details with time.

90 Day Fiance: Will Kalani & Dallas Get Married Now?

90 Day Fiance

As mentioned above, Kalani ended up developing an emotional connection with her “hall pass guy.” By the time the 90 Day Fiance spin-off, The Last Resort, came to an end, she was in a relationship with Dallas. Her social media was proof that her kids, Oliver and Kennedy, were also developing a wholesome bond with the star’s boyfriend.

Kalani then went on vacation with her family and Dallas. It became obvious that they had welcomed her new partner into the family with open arms. In a post, Dallas also shared about having a fun movie night with Kalani’s kids as she wanted to “rest.” It became obvious that she had started to rely on her boyfriend for big responsibilities. It now seems like the couple might just take the next step and tie the knot.

Dallas and Kalani have already become parents to a baby girl. So, the next ideal step for the duo would be to tie the knot. But neither of them has spoken up about a potential wedding yet.

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