’90 Day Fiance’ Kyle Gordy Appeared In Shocking Netflix Series?

90 Day Fiance star Kyle Gordy is one of the newest stars in the franchise. However, he’s already raising a lot of eyebrows due to his controversial relationship with Anika Philipp. The 32-year-old from Los Angeles is proud to be a sperm donor and believes that he’s a father to over a thousand children. Some Redditors even react to his appearance in a Netflix series featuring her mind-blowing background. Keep reading to see the discussion.

90 Day Fiance: Are Kyle Gordy & Anika Philipp Still Together?

90 Day Fiance: Kyle Gordy's Hobby Is Being a Sperm Donor | In Touch Weekly

Kyle and Anika are part of 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise Season 4. The two had some ups and downs throughout their time on the show. But several viewers have noticed that the two have many incompatibilities. One of them was Kyle’s sperm donation hobby. According to Anika, she’s not okay with Kyle’s advocacy of sleeping with his clients to give them babies.

She was initially fine with him being a sperm donor. But it seems an “intercourse donation” is something serious. Another issue that fans noticed was Kyle’s “point system” for Anika to earn his love. The two have yet to share updates about each other since their appearance on the show. But Kyle indicates that he’s currently single on his Facebook page.

Kyle Appeared In Shocking Netflix Series?

Kyle Gordy & Ani Philipp From 90 Day Fiance, Sourced From TLC YouTube

Some Redditors react to a new Netflix series featuring Kyle Gordy. It was a show about his background of having thousands of children due to his addiction to sperm donation. According to the show, Kyle is the administrator of a small group of men whose goal is to donate mass sperm, specifically to Africa. What’s more shocking is that the group’s main goal is to “bleach Africa” with their Caucasian seed. The documentary also exposes some vulgar conversations of the 90 Day Fiance star and his discussions about how they lie to women about only donating to three or four other women.

Kyle Gordy From 90 Day Fiance, Sourced From Reddit

  • “Bleaching ? What a disgusting garbage, racist, worthless pathetic fuckin POS. I hope that no women fall for that crap.”
  • “I’m beyond horrified.”
  • “How does tlc not do any due diligence before casting these people??”
  • “So that’s why he was interested in Ani–she’s got those desirable Aryan genes that his “group” is seeking.”

90 Day Fiance: How’s Kyle Gordy Today?

Kyle Gordy From 90 Day Fiance, Sourced From @kylegordy1234 Instagram

Kyle has been in touch with the fans on social media. Many of his posts today are about his trips around the world. Recently, the 90 Day Fiance star shared pictures from his two-day trip to Bergen, Norway. He gushed over its beautiful nature, especially Mount Floyen. In February, the reality TV personality traveled to Japan and visited the iconic Mount Fuji. Many are impressed by the life he’s living today. But it doesn’t take away the disgust of many people for his addiction to sperm donation.

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