90 Day Fiancé : Latest News – Fallouts, Felonies & Citizenship! (June 24)

This week’s “90 Day Fiancé” news brings a mix of drama and updates. Big Ed has a new girlfriend, but the focus quickly shifts to Mike, who celebrated his one-year anniversary with his partner, calling her his “sugar queen.” Another Mike, who recently married, faced immediate issues when his new wife blocked him on social media within a week. He later claimed his account was hacked.

Statler went on a social media rampage, accusing her ex, Dempsey, of scamming her into paying $700 a month for a van Dempsey now lives in. Statler also alleged that Dempsey introduced her to a friend who was actually a former romantic partner, causing further tension.

Riley, now free from his TLC contract, expressed frustration about his portrayal on the show. He claimed TLC omitted significant context, damaged his reputation, and failed to provide mental health support. Riley criticized the low compensation of $11,000 per episode and vowed to be a voice of change, although this might be the last we hear from him.

Larissa, known for her conflicts with her stepdaughter, faced felony charges for alleged theft, fraud, and forgery. She vented on social media about discrimination due to her pending charges and struggles to find employment, fearing people might frame her again.

On a happier note, Omar and Avery, one of the franchise’s most successful couples, celebrated Omar becoming an American citizen. Their relationship has remained stable and free of drama, making them a standout positive example from the show.

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