90 Day Fiancé : Latest News – Secret Marriage, Babies & Glow Ups! (June 24)

Remember Mike? No, not that one. The bolder, creepier version. Bingo! This week, there’s a cryptic clue suggesting that Mike and his new Colombian fiancée might be married. Mike and Tatiana have been engaged for a while, and recently Tatiana posted a photo on Instagram showing both of them wearing wedding bands, with many comments congratulating them. However, there’s confusion because Tatiana is a hand model. Despite the ambiguity, it seems they’re celebrating, though there’s no official word yet.

Kanani also had a big life update, announcing the birth of her daughter. The father is Dallas, not Asuelu, marking her move away from her previous relationship. The pregnancy was kept secret to protect her baby from stress.

Jesse has become a new parent as well. He posted photos of his wife and their baby boy, Zeus, on Instagram. His past relationships with Darcy and Jennifer are over.

Vanessa has had a remarkable glow-up since leaving Colt. Their marriage is over, and Vanessa credits her transformation to Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard program. Colt, inspired by Vanessa, shared his own less remarkable glow-up, including a much-needed haircut.

Finally, Amanda’s engagement to Joel was leaked by an Instagrammer, upsetting Amanda. She expressed frustration over the gossip but was reminded that her public life invites speculation. Meanwhile, Danielle, Johan’s ex, addressed her OnlyFans content, explaining she turned to it after struggling to find fulfillment despite her accomplishments.

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