90 Day Fiance: Liz Woods Admits To Being On DRUGS During Her Toxic Relationship With ED

Hey, wonderful viewers, welcome back to our channel! I’m Emma, and today we have some captivating updates for you. But before we dive in, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and ring the bell icon so you never miss out on the latest news. Today’s spotlight shines on the tumultuous relationship between Liz Woods and Big Ed from “90 Day Fiancé.” Their journey on “Happily Ever After” has been chaotic, leaving viewers questioning why Liz remained with him.

The toxicity of their relationship took a toll on Liz’s mental health, leading to a shocking revelation. Liz recently confessed to being on drugs during her time with Ed, shedding light on the challenges she faced and the emotional turmoil she endured. Despite these hardships, Liz has taken a brave step forward by revealing her journey to sobriety.

She shared how she has finally become sober and embarked on a path of self-improvement. Liz’s Instagram post showcasing her significant weight loss caught the attention of many. Fans were curious about her secret, and Liz shocked them with the truth behind her transformation. She attributed her weight loss to her decision to stop taking antidepressants and focus on cardio workouts like running on the elliptical while watching Netflix.

Viewers flooded the comment section with support for Liz and criticism for Ed. Liz’s journey towards self-love and happiness continues as she has moved on from Ed, finding solace in a new chapter of her life with a job at a restaurant and a renewed focus on her well-being. She is embracing her newfound freedom and enjoying life to the fullest.

Now over to you, dear viewers. What are your thoughts on Liz’s journey and her decision to prioritize her health and happiness? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts with us. We love hearing from you! That’s a wrap for today’s update. If you found this video insightful, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and share it with your fellow “90 Day Fiancé” fans. And of course, hit that subscribe button and ring the bell to stay tuned for more updates. Until next time, take care and stay tuned for more exciting news!

90 Day Fiance: Liz Woods Admits To Being On DRUGS During Her Toxic  Relationship With ED - YouTube


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