90 Day Fiance: Megan Pushing Her Daughter To Call John McManus DADDY? Too Soon?

John McManus and Megan Brown are enjoying the new phase of their relationship. The newly engaged couple have moved in together to live their best life. 90 Day Fiance fans have been skeptical about their future since the start due to their contrasting opinions. Megan was looking for a father figure for her daughter, River. Meanwhile, John was popular for his carefree and partying lifestyle.

He shocked his partner after revealing that he didn’t want kids in the future. The TLC star’s brother felt that he shouldn’t include Megan’s daughter in their relationship. But John has made up his mind and moved in together. He surprised his partner by popping the question at the tell-all episode. However, it seems that Megan’s daughter is already calling John “Daddy.”

90 Day Fiance's John and Megan Are Engaged After Tell-All | In Touch Weekly

90 Day Fiance: Megan Shares John’s New Life With Her Daughter!

90 Day Fiance star John McManus became a fan-favorite for his wit and humor. John surprised the audience when he dated Megan. She was a single mom of one daughter who wanted a serious relationship. But John’s brother felt that it was just a fling for his brother. Interestingly, McManus has made it clear that he only wanted Megan.

Recently, Megan recorded a video of herself on John’s birthday. The reality TV star was calling him ‘daddy’ in the clip and revealed how she celebrated his special day. Megan was showing off the decorations that included, a Happy Birthday banner and a special birthday card that read, “Daddy’s birthday.” She and her daughter, River, also gifted him six-packs of beer, a framed photo, and a super dad coffee mug.


John McManus posted a video of his fiancee on his birthday to show off all the love she received from them. He wrote, “Love my family, thankful for the love they bring into my life.” However, some fans were shocked after Megan repeatedly referred to him as ‘daddy. ‘ They felt as if she was pressuring River to call him Daddy.

One fan said, “Daddy? Why not just call him John? She has a dad whether he’s there or not.” 90 Day Fiance fans felt that she should not confuse her daughter and be careful not to harm her emotionally until they got married. Moreover, a different fan noted, “Sometimes stepdads are better than the real dads. Further, the others supported John in stepping into a dad’s role for Megan’s daughter.


90 Day Fiance: John Shows Off His GOOD LIFE With Megan And River!

90 Day Fiance stars John and Megan have been busy in their new life with their daughter, River. The former surprised his fans after stepping into a father’s role for his partner’s daughter. Now, it seems that John is enjoying a lot as a father. Recently, he flaunted his new life with the fans. The TLC star recorded River playing video games while having snacks and cold drinks. John and Megan were enjoying River’s activities and called it a “sweet life.”

Fans were happy to see him having a good time with his family. One fan said, “Your so awesome John….. God bless u for being that man in her life to feel safe is an amazing feeling.” Meanwhile, the others felt that he would be a great father. Further, the others wanted every child to deserve a father figure like him.

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