‘90 Day Fiancé’: Rob Gets HIT ON At The Club

On his birthday, Rob is tempted to forget about his marital issues and just be carefree. Meanwhile, Jasmine’s big pageant on “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” is finally here, but Gino isn’t supportive, critiquing her pageant walk. Jasmine, frustrated and feeling undermined, uninvites him from her rehearsals, wanting him to be a supportive husband, not a coach. Gino feels pushed away, questioning if Jasmine is trying to start a fight or seeking revenge, and considers leaving.

Angela and Michael seem to be in a better place, deciding to move forward with the visa process despite Angela’s skepticism. After years of waiting, Michael’s visa is finally approved, and he arrives in the U.S., marking the culmination of their long struggle.

Patrick shares with Thaise the sentimental value of their apartment, symbolizing his relationship with his father. Thaise, unaware of the strained relationship, empathizes and hopes for more emotional openness from Patrick.

Lauren prepares for a date night with Alex, still grappling with body dysmorphia and confidence issues even after her mommy makeover. She expresses a desire to return to the workforce, clashing with Alex’s preference for her to stay home with the kids, leading to a disagreement about traditional roles versus her aspirations.

Manuel admits to Ashley that he’s been in contact with the mother of his kids to send money, which leads to a heated argument. Emily and Kobe’s wedding is marked by the unexpected arrival of one of Kobe’s best friends, who praises Emily’s strength and the couple’s unity despite challenges.

Rob, feeling unfulfilled and in limbo about his relationship, celebrates his birthday at a club without Sophie. A flirty cocktail server tempts him, but he tries to stay faithful despite feeling tempted by the attention and opportunities around him.

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