90 Day Fiance: Robert & Anny Announce Arrival Of Baby #2! [Finally Happening]

Robert and Anny were the most unexpected yet wholesome couple to come out of 90 Day Fiance. After meeting one another for the first time, they knew they were the one for eachother. So, they got engaged within 8 hours of their first meeting! Even if life threw curveballs at the couple, they stood strong and fought it all.

It’s been a while since fans saw the duo on the show, but they do share their reactions in the pillow talk segment. Fans had been wondering how Robert and Anny were doing and were surprised when they shared a massive announcement about their life. They are all set to welcome parenthood yet again!

90 Day Fiance: Robert & Anny All Aboard For Baby #2! Fans Rejoice

90 Day Fiance

Robert and Anny did have their fair share of struggles on 90 Day Fiance. The former was the baby daddy of five kids, all from four different women. But his life changed after Anny came along. He mended his ways and became a family man. The couple already has a daughter, Brenda Aaliyah. The couple did welcome one more kid, Adriel, but he lost his life 7 months later.

Since then, Robert and Anny’s social media updates have become mundane. They were trying to put their best foot forward after a devastating loss, but slowly, they inched towards normalcy. In a new Instagram story, Robert decided to share massive news with the audience. He shared a picture of a pregnant Anny as he was kissing her baby bump.

Later, Robert confirmed that it wasn’t a throwback picture. Everyone was very happy for the pair and congratulated them through the comment section. Noted 90 Day Fiance fan page, 90DayFianceUpdate also shared the image and everyone is looking forward to the couple’s new journey towards parenthood.

90 Day Fiancé: Robert & Anny's Cutest Family Pictures With Their Kids

Now that Robert and Anny are ready to expand their family, they are also looking for various means to earn a living. After all, the 90 Day Fiance stars will be raising two kids soon. In a new post, the couple announced that they have started their automobile business, Daddy Autos LLC, and promoted it through their social media handles.

They want to provide people with a collection of “pre-owned luxury cars.” Robert and Anny also mentioned having friendly finance teams that would help customers apply for loans. Everyone was glad at how well they were doing and wished them all the best.

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