90 Day Fiancé: Sanky Panky Yohan SLAMMED As “Scammer” By Tim After Daniele Shows Receipts

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Alright, guys, let’s get into today’s story about Danielle Gates from New York and her man, Johan Jano from the Dominican Republic. Are they still together? No, they’ve broken up, as we learned during the tell-all. This breakup was brutal and devastating, but not surprising since they had already broken up on the previous season. They tried to convince us they were back together for the first few episodes, but eventually, the relationship crumbled. Johan even tried taking the dog when he left but ultimately left it with Danielle.

Despite the breakup, Danielle is sending mixed signals. She and Johan are still married, and she has a large tattoo of his name on her arm, which she refuses to remove. This is puzzling given the accusations she’s made against him, calling him a scammer and a “sanky panky.”

At the tell-all, Johan accused Danielle of smearing his name after she posted about him on a Facebook page dedicated to exposing scammers. He claimed this was slander, but it backfired as no one at the tell-all bought his story.

Danielle has also faced criticism for being wishy-washy. She’s accused Johan of scamming her and other women. According to Danielle, Johan has been cheating since before their wedding, engaging with multiple women online and asking for money. During their five-month relationship, Johan was looking for an American wife to spend lavishly on him and take him to the US.

Danielle planned to retire from her hectic teaching job in NYC and settle in the Dominican Republic with Johan. However, throughout this ordeal, it’s become clear that both individuals are flawed. Johan was cheating and using women for money, while Danielle has been accused of running away from her financial issues in the US.

There are claims that Danielle and Johan’s relationship was fake to keep the TLC show going. Johan could have been seeing other women, believing the relationship with Danielle was over. Danielle’s recent comments about reality TV being the “most entertaining version of the truth” add to the suspicion that their relationship was staged for the show.

Ultimately, both Danielle and Johan have faced backlash. Danielle is seen as fake and unreliable, while Johan is seen as a scammer and a liar. The entire situation is a mess, with both parties trying to defend themselves. What do you think about this drama? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe for more updates. Take care!

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