90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: FURIOUS Daniele HACKS Yohan’s Instagram, Demands Divorce!

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Today’s story is about a couple we haven’t discussed in a while: Danielle Gates and Johan Gono from the Dominican Republic. The last time we checked in, they seemed completely broken up. Johan wanted to come to the USA, and Danielle initially promised to bring him over but later changed her mind, opting instead for a tourist visa, which caused their relationship to fall apart. Danielle accused Johan of cheating, even claiming he had cheated with up to 50 women. During their last tell-all, it seemed everyone was ganging up on Johan, with Danielle controlling the narrative.

Recently, Danielle made a major allegation against Johan. She hacked his Instagram to expose his refusal to divorce, posting screenshots of his messages mocking her. Johan claimed he didn’t know how to change his Instagram password and was seeking help for the divorce. This seems implausible in 2024, raising questions about the authenticity of Danielle’s claims.

Danielle met Johan, a physical trainer, while vacationing in the DR. Their 10-year age difference didn’t bother her; in fact, it attracted her to him. Johan wanted to move to America, but Danielle relocated to La Romana instead. Johan expected Danielle to support him financially, but she accused him of having an affair since their marriage and cheating online. A woman even appeared during their tell-all, but her credibility was questionable.

Johan was upfront about wanting financial support, and Danielle initially agreed to bring him to the US but later retracted her promise. This has led to ongoing disputes. Danielle recently used Johan’s Instagram to ask for help with the divorce, posting that he mocked her and she had screenshots of his messages to other women. This raises questions about privacy and trust in their relationship.

Danielle’s public accusations seem to be more about gaining publicity than resolving their issues. It’s a messy situation, and it’s hard to say who’s really at fault. Both parties have made questionable decisions, and their ongoing drama continues to unfold. Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you soon with more updates.

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