‘90 Day Fiancé’ Star Liz NEVER Wants To Speak To Big Ed Again (EXCLUSIVE)

“I just want to say you were looking so fierce and so happy. What is the key that is keeping you glowing right now?”

“Right now, I’ve been focusing a lot on myself and my happiness. With my happiness comes a much healthier and positive energy and vibe for my daughter as well. I’ve been really focused on me and my daughter, which has been a huge plus. I needed time to come back to just being me. In this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, it might not have had the happy ending you were hoping for, but it seems like you are actually really happy right now. Is there any silver lining to the split with Ed?”

“Ed and I did not have our happily ever after. Obviously, it’s not something I wished for or thought I would be where I’m at right now, but I’m grateful the marriage didn’t go through. It has allowed me to refocus on who I am. I didn’t even know who I was the last couple of years, so I’m excited to just be me and figure that out. I feel much brighter and more lively for myself and my daughter.”

“It seems like you’re achieving so much. I saw you just ran a half marathon, which is a big achievement. Have you spoken with Ed since the show’s aired?”

“I haven’t spoken to Ed since we filmed the tell-all a bit ago. That was the last time I ever plan on speaking to him. I’m focused on moving forward. It was heartbreaking to watch your daughter Riley in that scene where she was saying goodbye to Ed. How is she doing?”

“Riley is a smart, bright girl. She’s handling it very well. She doesn’t ask about Ed and is into many activities now, so she’s forgotten about everything that happened.”

“As viewers, we all saw the infamous taco pasta scene. Why was that the straw that broke the camel’s back with Ed?”

“I feel like Ed was looking for a reason. Every time it gets to something serious, he closes off and shuts down. I don’t think he loved himself as a person yet, so he was looking for an excuse. I wasn’t okay with how the situation happened, especially with him going after my daughter. I finally stood up for myself, which was a shock since I tend to be submissive and a people-pleaser. That night was not going to work for me.”

“A lot of moms on social media had your back and resonated with that. How was it seeing that kind of reaction and feedback?”

“It was very positive for me. I’ve been bullied a lot online for being in this relationship, so it took a lot of guts to stand my ground. When it comes to my baby, that’s it. It’s hard for single moms to date, and I’ve been attacked a lot for it. It’s nice to have a supportive community because being a single parent is very hard.”

“I know you can’t share any spoilers, but can you tease what viewers can expect to see on the tell-all?”

“At the tell-all, people will see me really happy and getting my glow back. They’ll see a change where I’m not putting up with anything else and finding myself again.”

“What are you hoping to find in your next relationship? Are you dating again?”

“I am dating. In my next relationship, I want to make sure I take a step back for myself mentally. I need to work on having a healthy relationship. I am setting boundaries and know what I don’t want. I speak my mind and don’t keep quiet anymore. The biggest thing I’m looking for is a positive role model for my daughter. Anyone I date will be a father figure to her.”

“When we saw everything that happened with Ed, it seemed like you were very shocked. In hindsight, were there any indicators that this might have been brewing for a while?”

“It was shocking, but we were always breaking up. The biggest shock was that less than 24 hours before, we had just ordered our wedding bands. It was a blindside, gaslighting moment. Ed shut down completely, and I didn’t see him for days. Not being told anything was the hardest part, especially trying to keep it together in front of Riley.”

“Do you hope to continue on in the 90 Day franchise after your split?”

“It’s hard to have any relationship open to the public. But if this is the end of my chapter, at least it’s ending on a great note.”

“This season, there have been a lot of plot twists with other couples. What was your reaction seeing Michael’s visa debacle with Angela unfold?”

“Knowing everything I’ve seen off-camera, it’s hard to tell if Michael is being truthful. I don’t know if he’s in it for the right reasons. Angela’s daughters feel the same way, trying to warn her. Michael and Angela keep fighting, so I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s in it for the wrong reasons.”

“Another couple fans can’t get enough of is Jasmine and Gino. What do you make of their relationship?”

“Jasmine is very independent. Their relationship is hard to watch. I keep in touch with Jasmine and Angela constantly. Jasmine gives great health advice, and despite everything, Angela and I stay in communication. She’s been supportive.”

“Are there any other 90 Day stars you keep in touch with?”

“Tyre and I are really close. He comes to San Diego often, and we’ve talked about our situations. He has a good heart and deserves someone good.”

“Looking back on your journey through 90 Day, is there anything you would change or regret?”

“I don’t regret loving any of my exes. I’m grateful for my last relationship. Looking back, all the red flags were there. I wish I had followed my gut the first time. But now I know what I want and don’t want. I wish I was stronger before, but I’m wiser now. I’m living my best life, running half marathons, and feeling great.”

“It’s great to hear you’re living your best life. Anything else you’d like to share?”

“I’m happy with where I am. My daughter and I are doing well, and I’m excited for what’s next.”

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