90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way – Is Shekinah Responsible For Sarper’s Money Troubles?

Shekinah Garner and Sarper Güven’s tumultuous journey on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way has continued with Sarper claiming his financial woes were due to Shekinah’s interference. The Californian woman and Turkish man met during Shekinah’s trip to Turkey and quickly developed a romance, leading her to move to Istanbul. Shekinah struggled with Sarper’s past, including his claim of sleeping with 2,500 women, and found it challenging to adapt to her new life in Turkey. Despite these issues, they worked through their problems and continued to build their relationship in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 6.

Shekinah and Sarper are a shocking couple in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Initially, Shekinah was uncomfortable with Sarper’s past, wanting him to get rid of his mattress due to sleeping with so many women. In fact, Sarper allegedly slept with two women before his romantic whirlwind with Shekinah that led to their rocky relationship. Sarper’s obsession with looks is also unconventional, as he allegedly designed a new nose for his girlfriend and regularly wears makeup, especially highlighter. How did Shekinah ruin Sarper’s finances?

Sarper & Shekinah’s Relationship Timeline Explained

Sarper Güven meets Shekinah Garner 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way in Turkey wearing red top

Shekinah and Sarper first met when the Californian beauty traveled to Turkey on vacation. She was attracted to Sarper’s polished look and unique style, especially his use of makeup to accentuate his strong features. A few months after meeting Sarper, Shekinah moved to Turkey to be with her newfound love.

Sarper and Shekinah are both toxic people whose controlling natures feed each other’s insecurities.

After the relocation, Shekinah began to notice how controlling Sarper was in their relationship. For example, he wanted to weigh her and have the final say on decisions she made in her life, including an upcoming nose job in season 6. Sarper also expressed his desire to have children, but Shekinah, a single mother, isn’t sure that’s a good idea.

Shekinah Won’t Let Sarper Have Female Clients

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way's Shekinah in yellow dress smiling and Sarper Guven looking angry in the background

” From my income, 90 percent cut right now, I have no savings left. “

According to Sarper in the new season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Shekinah has effectively bankrupted the Turkish man. “From my income, 90 percent cut right now, I have no savings left,” Sarper revealed in the episode. The lack of funds allegedly stems from Shekinah’s frequent trips to Los Angeles, which he pays for, and his lack of clients. Before dating Shekinah, Sarper claimed that 90% of his clients were women. However, Shekinah won’t let Sarper train female clients because she doesn’t trust him. After sleeping with thousands of women, Shekinah wants to prevent Sarper from cheating on her in the future.

Why Shekinah’s Restrictions Are Unfair

Montage of 90 Day Fiancé's Shekinah Garner and Sarper Güven looking off to the side and arguing

Sarper isn’t an angelic man. He’s been known to call Shekinah horrible names and requires her to remain a certain weight. Sarper also wants to design Shekinah’s new nose and decide what makeup she should wear. However, Shekinah’s actions cross a line. She’s actively destroying Sarper’s livelihood, which is sure to have a negative effect on their relationship. Sarper isn’t a trustworthy individual, but if someone wants to cheat, they will figure out a way. Attempting to control who he meets and sees will only make him resentful and more likely to become unfaithful.

Shekinah needs to let Sarper build his career and cut him off if he strays. She can’t keep him away from women forever. The Los Angeles native would be better off without her handsome philanderer, and deserves to be with someone who doesn’t weigh her constantly and design a plastic surgery procedure for her. Shekinah is in the wrong here, but the fact that she feels the need to make these rules proves that Sarper is a shady character in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.


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