90 Day Fiance: Veronica Rodriguez Reveals Mystery Man! Who Is He

90 Day Fiance star Veronica Rodriguez has experienced several heartbreaks over the years. At the age of 20, she got pregnant and married her baby daddy due to her conservative Hispanic background. However, things didn’t go well between the couple, and the TLC star parted ways with her husband. Later, Veronica met Tim Malcolm at a bar, and they hit it off.
They were going strong for years and even joined the TLC franchise. However, things went downhill, and the couple parted ways after 5 years. Veronica tried her luck in a relationship several times after her breakup with Tim, but it never went well. She recently broke up with Jamal after a series of arguments. Veronica has been hunting for her new guy for a long time. Finally, she soft-launched her new partner with her social media fans.
Veronica Rodriguez has been exploring new options over the years. She has been jumping from one man to another to find her soulmate. The 90 Day Fiance star has had poor luck in relationships. None of her relationships survived the real-life challenges. But Veronica has not been losing hope.
She has been moving positively with the hope of finding her perfect match. Veronica has been showing off her new version after the recent heartbreak. She has been hinting at her new relationship for a long time. However, the TLC star has been avoiding sharing any details about her current love life. Previously, Veronica took to Instagram to share a new picture of herself while a man was kissing her neck.
She pouted in the selfie while a grey-haired man kissed her neck. Veronica didn’t reveal his. She wrote, “We ‘necked’ under the bleachers today. Now I can cross it off my list” in the story. The reality TV star didn’t tag or mention his name in the Instagram story to avoid sharing any details about him. Recently, the 90 Day Fiance celeb shared another Instagram story.
An Instagram user, @lakeju69, posted a rare picture of the couple posing in a restaurant. Veronica wore a matching denim jacket with the same grey-haired man, who revealed his full face. They smiled at the camera while posing together for the picture. Several fans felt that Veronica’s new man resembled Tim a lot.
90 Day Fiance fans are well aware of the bond between Veronica and Tim. The exes became best friends and supported each other in their major life decisions. Now it turns out that Veronica’s new man also has a connection with Tim. The former didn’t officially launch her new man. But she shocked everyone after including a special person in her Easter pictures. She posed with Chloe and her mystery man with a young boy.
Fans have been curious to find out the new guy in the picture. One fan asked, “Who is that dude?” However, Veronica teased her fans that they must have met him like 9 years ago. She also told the fan to ask Tim about him. However, none of the fans could remember if they had seen Rodriguez’s secret guy before.

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