90 Day Fiance: We Are Finally Free From Angela, Won’t Have To Watch Her On TV Anymore!


Angela Deem has tested the patience of 90 Day Fiance viewers for years. She appeared on several spinoffs back to back with her chaotic storyline and violent persona. Hence, fans have begged TLC to cancel her several times. However, the network kept on bringing the couple back because of the controversies they had to offer.

However, viewers can finally take a sigh of relief, as their eyes won’t bleed anymore! Yes! They won’t have to watch Angela on TV anymore, as she has decided to quit the reality TV world. Is this true? But what made Deem change her mind and end her journey?

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Announces Her Exit From Reality TV World

After watching Angela Deem’s behavior on 90 Day Fiance, most of the viewers were sure that she needed therapy. She has anger issues, and there have been uncountable instances when her abusive nature became a part of the show. Hence, fans had enough of her and wondered when the network would put Deem’s journey to an end.

90 day fiance

Amid all this, Angela surprised everyone by revealing that she was quitting the franchise. During a recent TikTok session, she stated that Happily Ever After would be her last season, and she won’t return after that. The celeb further added, “I’m gonna tell everybody out there, it ain’t easy.”

As per Angela, it isn’t really easy for her to share her life with the TLC cameras. She stated how it was all “real,” and she wouldn’t return simply for the sake of being on a show. Several viewers wondered if Deem would consider being on Single Life Season 5. However, Angela clearly denied that as well. She stated, “I’m not doing The Single Life; no, I’m not.” Hence, the celeb feels that this is the right time to take a backstep because all of the drama is “real life events” of her life.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Is Joining Hollywood After Leaving The Franchise

Angela Deem initially rose to fame because of her 90 Day Fiance journey. Hence, it would have been a huge and tough decision for her to leave the reality TV world. But it appears that the celeb has already planned everything ahead, and her path is already sorted. Deem recently revealed that after leaving the show, she has a new gig on her table.


Angela happily announced that she had finally gotten a small role in a movie. Hence, she is gearing up to become an actress, and she clearly appeared to be really excited. However, the celeb decided to keep the details under wraps, and viewers are now eagerly waiting to know more about her new gig. Apparently, the franchise could be credited for this new opportunity as well.

During Angela’s appearance, she was able to establish herself well and became a household name. She even got a chance to attend many events and meet several celebrities. Hence, when Deem wanted to make her Hollywood debut, she was able to enter the industry swiftly.

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