90 Day Fiance: Why Did Kalani Keep Her Pregnancy A Secret? [Shocking REASON Revealed]

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata initially kept her boyfriend under wraps. But after the Last Resort Season 1, she didn’t look back and has been flaunting her newfound love on social media. Though viewers were well aware of their fast-track romance, they were in disbelief when the couple recently welcomed a baby together!

Fans wondered why Kalani didn’t reveal that she was pregnant. However, the latter finally decided to clear the air and disclosed the reason why she chose to keep her mouth shut. What did she tell? Why did Kalani not hint at her pregnancy earlier?

90 Day Fiance: Kalani Reveals Why She Kept Her Pregnancy A Top-Secret!

Kalani Faagata recently dropped a bombshell on 90 Day Fiance viewers by sharing a picture of her baby girl. She posted a carousel of snaps on Instagram and revealed that she has welcomed a girl child with her boyfriend, Dallas Nuez. Viewers weren’t able to believe their eyes as Faagata kept her pregnancy a secret for nine months and didn’t even hint about it all.


Hence, fans had many questions in their minds as they were unable to understand the reason behind it. That is why they finally decided to confront her on social media. A user wrote, “Damn you did a good job hiding your pregnancy congratulations.” Kalani was quick to reply and revealed the real reason.

Faagata explained that she simply wanted to keep her baby away from “stress.” She didn’t elaborate further and left the viewers wondering what the possible reasons for stress were. Some of them predicted that Kalani perhaps wanted to avoid backlash. Apparently, she is still legally married to Asuelu, and she is going to give birth to Dallas’ child.

Moreover, Asuelu’s family has never been really fond of Kalani. So, there is a fair chance that they could have also created issues if the latter’s pregnancy was a public matter. However, fans are happy to know that Faagata is safe and her baby is also healthy.

90 Day Fiance: Kalani Has Always Wanted A Daughter! It’s A Dream Come True For Her!


90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata has talked about having a third child earlier as well. A few months back, she revealed that the relationship she had with her mother made her crave a daughter. However, when the celeb was planning to become a mother again, she was already 35. Hence, she had many things to consider.

Kalani talked about this during the last few months of 2023. She claimed that she needed to get pregnant in the following year, or there was no chance of it. However, Faagata revealed that her sons used to fight a lot, and she wasn’t able to execute her plan. But it appears that she successfully planned her baby.

Apparently, there is a fair chance that Kalani was already pregnant when she talked about her desire to have a girl child. She would perhaps have conceived her daughter between October and November of 2023. After all this, viewers are now eagerly waiting for her to reveal the name of her newborn, and she can’t get enough of her infant.

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