90 Day Fiancé’s Sam Wilson Reveals Surprising Career Change After Citra’s Pregnancy Announcement

90 Day Fiancé star Sam Wilson has a brand-new job as he awaits his newborn baby with Citra Herani. Sam, who’s from Missouri, met Citra from Indonesia on a dating app. Sam worked as a stocker for online retailer Amazon and was working double shifts as he awaited Citra’s U.S. arrival in 90 Day Fiancé season 10. It wasn’t the job that Sam wanted, but he was unable to get work because of his past. Sam had been addicted to sleeping pills since he was 15 years old. He fell sick every other day, which made maintaining a job difficult.

Sam Wilson In 90 Day Fiance on Instagram Stories wearing his new roofing uniform

90 Day Fiancé star Sam Wilson revealed what his new job is as fans wait for a baby update from him and Citra Herani.

Sam showed off his new uniform from Hometown Roofing.

He wrote, “If you need your roof replaced message me, I’ll give a[n] honest inspection,” while talking about how hot it was outside. Sam proceeded to share a video where he addressed concerns from his followers about roofers being “shadies” and “scammers.” He promised not to be anything like that. Sam added that door-to-door sales were “rough” and especially hard when one has to do it out in the summer. However, Sam mentioned that it feels good and makes the job worth it because he’s been able to actually help people.

Citra and Sam Wilson in 90 Day Fiance taking mirror selfie in bathroom

When Are Sam & Citra Having Their Baby?

Sam said he was getting requests from fans already about how they want him to carry out their roofing work. He said he figured he could post about his new job on social media “because why not?” After thanking his followers, he also told them he would be keeping them up to date with the baby news. For now, they were waiting for an update themselves. Sam and Citra confirmed their pregnancy in March 2024 following months of speculation. They announced the news at the 90 Day Fiancé season 10 Tell All and took to Instagram to share more details.


Sam and Citra got married in September 2023 and got pregnant by the end of the month. She didn’t know about it until she took a pregnancy test in October 2023. The couple had planned on having a baby a year after their marriage, but they also were glad that they were blessed with a little one so quickly. Citra was pregnant while she was filming green screen interviews. Her baby bump became noticeable in her pink dress while she sat next to Sam.

The couple kept the baby news a secret for a few months until their season was done and confirmed that baby Wilson was coming in June 2024. Sam and Citra are going to have a baby girl. There’s been speculation over whether the couple would be back on TV screens again. Citra and Sam were also in the news because both of their siblings were going to get married to each other. It will be interesting to see if Timmy and Nafa will appear in a new 90 Day Fiancé season next.

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