A group attacks Kody,s |The police took Robyn to the police station | Janelle & Christine truth bomb

“Sister Wives” fans were left puzzled when Mary Brown suddenly disappeared from social media, including her popular “Fridays with Friends” live feed. However, she recently resurfaced with a new venture called “Worthy Up,” which she had been teasing for weeks. This new project, described as a life coaching community, comes with a membership fee ranging from $150 to $600.

Before her disappearance, Mary had posted a selfie holding a self-help book titled “Wordy.” Despite concerns that she copied the book’s idea, Mary clarified that her concept for “Worthy Up” was born long before the book came out. Fans were disappointed when Mary didn’t return with another “Fridays with Friends” episode, instead sharing a photo of herself getting highlights at a salon.

Meanwhile, Janelle Brown has been spending a lot of time in North Carolina, possibly indicating a permanent move from Arizona following her separation from Cody and the loss of her son Garrison to suicide. This change reflects a significant shift in her life, as she no longer has a strong reason to stay in Arizona.

Cody Brown’s treatment of his wives has been a topic of discussion, particularly his favoritism towards Robin and alleged neglect of his other children. Christine Brown was the first to leave him in November 2021, feeling neglected and sidelined in Cody’s life. This disparity in treatment has caused turmoil in the family, with Cody resorting to using his children as a means to punish his wives.

Despite facing challenges, Mary Brown has undergone a transformation, both physically and emotionally, after her divorce from Cody. She appears happier and more confident on social media, showcasing a newfound sense of freedom and independence. While TLC’s “Sister Wives” is currently between seasons, the drama and updates shared by the Brown family continue to captivate fans.

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