Angela Deem Receives Support From 90 Day Fiance Michael Ilesanmi | It Must Be Shocked you

Angela Deem, a star from “90 Day Fiancé,” has revealed which cast member supports her amid her breakup with Michael Ilesanmi. The Georgia native resolved many marital issues with Michael on “90 Day: The Last Resort,” even tearing up divorce papers and inviting her Nigerian husband to America. However, Michael fled Angela’s house in February 2024, claiming he feared for his life, which turned many viewers against Angela and led to accusations of mistreatment.

While many fans support Michael and view him as a victim, Angela has found an ally in fellow cast member Joy Duan. Recently, Angela reposted Joy’s Instagram story where he expressed his support for her, stating, “I love Angela” and that he has nothing but sweet feelings for her. Joy suggested that Angela is often misunderstood due to reality TV drama and social media, and he praised her as a very sweet person.

The reaction from other “90 Day Fiancé” cast members to Angela and Michael’s split has been mixed. Scott Wooten recently met Angela, praised her personality, and described her as honest and genuine. In contrast, Nigerian musician Usman Umar mocked Angela’s situation, indicating he still holds a grudge against her.

Angela and Michael have been on TV since 2018, and their publicized relationship has impacted their public image. While fans tend to support Michael for staying with Angela despite her anger issues, they overlook that he may have financially exploited her and cheated on her multiple times, leading to her trust issues. Joy’s support suggests that there may be more to Angela than the drama portrayed on TV.


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