Angela GOES BALLISTIC Over Michael’s Immigration Issues

Angela’s violent and abusive behavior is on full display as she confronts Michael over his immigration issues. Despite Michael potentially lying, Angela’s physical intimidation and threats are unacceptable. This episode revisits the couple as they prepare for Michael’s visa interview. Angela discovers something that sends her into a frenzy, causing her to storm out and refuse to accompany Michael.

Later, Angela is seen waiting for Michael at a bar, airing her frustrations to a waiter. As the hours pass without a word from Michael, Angela becomes increasingly agitated. She tries to justify her behavior by saying she’s as nervous as Michael, but her need for control and power becomes evident.

When Michael finally appears, Angela immediately attacks him verbally, ignoring his attempts to explain. Michael reveals that the immigration agent needs to write to the Nigerian embassy to understand why their visa was denied. Angela’s reaction escalates, and she physically threatens Michael, snatching a government letter from him and threatening to tear it up.

Despite Michael’s efforts to pacify her, Angela’s behavior continues to deteriorate. She accuses him of lying about moving their application and becomes increasingly aggressive. This episode highlights the toxic dynamics of their relationship, with Angela’s abusive behavior pushing Michael to the brink. The situation underscores the need for Michael to escape this destructive relationship and find a life without Angela.

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