Angela is BACK with her VICTIM, Sophie BEGS Rob to be NICE | 90 Day Fiancé HEA 8×10

We’re obsessed with TLC and all the trashy reality TV it offers! Welcome back to another 90 Day Fiancé recap. Let’s dive into Happily Ever After Season 8, Episode 10. This week was a whirlwind, so let’s begin with Rob and Sophie. Their scenes were tough to watch. In the last episode, Sophie told Rob that if he treated her well, she’d do things for him, like dressing up. So, they went to a spicy store, and Rob picked out a schoolgirl outfit for Sophie. This made me uncomfortable, knowing grown men are turned on by this. Sophie wasn’t thrilled, either, especially since the skirt was too short.

Rob reassured her it would be great for their sex life, but Sophie picked out suspenders and a matching jockstrap for him. Rob refused, citing the jockstrap’s revealing nature, but agreed to wear the suspenders. Sophie laughed and complimented him when he emerged, but Rob was less than pleased when Sophie only wore the schoolgirl top, deeming it a regular shirt. This led to a heated argument where Rob played the victim, as usual, making it exhausting to watch Sophie endure his behavior. Despite his apology, Sophie seemed fed up, especially after he accused her of cheating, deflecting from his issues.

Next, we saw Lauren and Alexi. At her follow-up appointment, everything looked good, but Alexi struggled with watching the kids alone. He couldn’t manage the household chores and called Lauren, who was recovering, for help with the laundry. His incompetence was frustrating, but their family dynamic remains strong.

Nicole and Mahmoud’s storyline was intense. Mahmoud finally went to a mosque, hoping it would improve their relationship. However, when Nicole returned home drunk at 2 a.m., refusing to show her phone, Mahmoud suspected cheating. Their argument escalated, with Nicole’s manipulative behavior on display. Mahmoud eventually asked for a divorce, leading to his departure, which felt like a moment of freedom for him.

Gino and Jasmine also had a tense episode. Gino’s desire for a baby clashed with Jasmine’s current situation. Gino isn’t working and can’t afford an immigration lawyer, making his baby plans unrealistic. Jasmine wanted to join a beauty pageant, hoping it would boost her confidence, and Gino reluctantly supported her. However, Gino’s fixation on having “his own child” ignored Jasmine’s existing children, revealing deeper issues in their relationship.

Lastly, Angela and Michael faced visa interview challenges. Angela was worried about Michael’s ability to pass without her, but Michael was optimistic. Despite initial doubts, Angela’s emotional support shone through.

In summary, this episode was filled with emotional highs and lows, highlighting the complexities of these relationships. Whether it’s dealing with insecurities, cultural differences, or family responsibilities, each couple navigates their unique challenges, keeping us hooked on every twist and turn.

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