“I ain’t taking this, God damn lying. Just say the truth—you got a woman, Michael, and you’re still lying. Wait, wait, wait, you’re not taking this anymore, Angela? Really? Am I missing something here? She’s the one treating him like a dog. Sit down, sit down, help me, help me. Michael’s going to need all the help he can get because if this is how she shows love, God help those she doesn’t like.

I’ve always thought he’s been a scammer. Be honest, Mama, if he’s using you to come over here, you need to figure it out. Let’s rewind to the start. We left the couple fighting after drinking all afternoon, waiting for Michael. When he finally showed up, Angela found out he’d secretly moved his visa appointment from Nigeria to the Ivory Coast. She lost her mind. Michael’s overwhelmed. All he wants is to be together and move to the States.

Angela reacts angrily when Michael tries to console her. She doesn’t want him to tell her what she wants to hear but what she needs to know. Angela’s like a nightmare grandma, treating Michael like a child. But she’s right about moving the visa. Michael’s failed two visa applications already, and moving the interview seemed suspicious.

Michael might not be smart, but he’s invested too much to walk away now. Angela’s done; she leaves in a taxi, leaving Michael behind. The locals must be baffled by the sight of him running after her. Back at the hotel, Angela calls her daughter Skyla, who rolls her eyes at Angela’s ranting. Skyla isn’t Michael’s biggest fan and doubts his love for Angela.

Angela begins to doubt Michael’s love too. When he returns to the hotel, he has to knock repeatedly to get in. Angela orders him around like a puppy. Michael’s at his wit’s end. Angela’s exhausted and confused, fed up with Michael’s lies. She storms off, leaving Michael to sleep on the couch and even denying him bathroom access. Despite his faults, Michael’s only goal is to get to America.

In the end, both are emotionally drained. Angela abuses and belittles Michael, and he’s left wondering if it’s all worth it. Their time in the limelight seems to be nearing its end.”

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