Annie Suwan & David Toborowsky Confirm Arrival Of Baby #1! — “I’m Pregnant”

90 Day Fiance star Annie had a baby fever for a long time. She has been desperately looking to expand her family with her partner, David Toborowsky. However, the latter’s vasectomy and her PCOS condition were a major roadblock in their journey. Ultimately, the pair went for the IVF process. They took multiple rounds of the best clinics to realize their dream.


90 Day Fiancé's David & Annie Reveal Major Update After Getting “Baby Fever”


Annie and David went through several painful procedures to become parents. The latter was already a father and grandfather from his first marriage before meeting Annie. But the Thailand native wanted to become a mother and have their own children. TLC viewers have been hoping for the couple for a successful procedure. Now, it seems that the couple’s dream will finally come true.

90 Day Fiance: Annie Suwan & David Toborowsky Finally Expecting First Child!

Annie Suwan and David Toborowosky didn’t become the most ideal couple during their debut. But they soon became fan favorites after proving to everyone that their love was real.  90 Day Fiance viewers have been happy to see the pair living a drama-free life after marriage, unlike the other couple.

Later, their baby journey becomes another reason for viewers to shower them with love. TLC viewers noticed how the couple have been supporting each other during the entire journey. They have been bravely facing all the challenges since the start of their IVF process. Annie and David have been excited to become parents since the embryo transfer process.

They have been waiting for positive results since the surgery. Recently, the reality TV star surprised their followers with the most-anticipated news. Annie shared a new clip on Instagram and wrote “I’m Pregnant” in big font. She was excited to give her fans an update after getting the email from the hospital. She turned the camera towards her husband to show off the email that confirmed her pregnancy.

The TLC star also shared the test results in her caption. Fans were way more excited than the pair in the comment section. Soon, they filled the section with their congratulatory messages and best wishes. Moreover, Annie and David’s co-stars also sent their best wishes to the couple. All of them, including Loren, Tyray, Kenny, and Kimberly, were excited about the upcoming baby.

90 Day Fiance: David Toborowsky Shares Annie’s Tests Results!

90 Day Fiance stars David and Annie have been super excited to start a new journey as parents. They have been facing several challenges during the IVF process in the past few months. But the pair has not been giving up on each other. Recently, David took to Instagram to share the test reports of his wife after the pregnancy results. He also attached a picture of himself and Annie with a big smile on their faces.

He wrote, “We want to officially announce that Annie is Pregnant.” Moreover, he thanked his followers for all their support and prayers. David admitted that it was just the beginning of a long road. Further, he expressed his love for his viewers as they have been praying for them day and night.

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