Baby Done 🤔! Natalie Dump To Josh After Still Together With Mike! Prepared To Shocked

During the final episode of the “90 Day: The Single Life” tell-all, Natalie Mordovtseva reunites with her ex-husband Mike Youngquist, only to discover he has moved on and is dating someone new, which leaves her devastated. Natalie has had tumultuous relationships with both Mike and another ex, Josh Weinstein. She tried to rekindle things with Mike and even wanted to have a child with him, while her relationship with Josh has been on and off, with both parties confused about their status. Josh revealed during the tell-all that he and Natalie had been intimate the night before filming, surprising everyone and leading to more questions about their relationship. Despite moving on, Mike has helped Natalie’s mother come to the U.S. from Ukraine, a gesture Natalie may have misinterpreted as more than just kindness. Mike’s revelation about his new relationship and Natalie’s reaction highlight the ongoing drama and complexities in their relationships.

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