Baby No 3😯! Who is Baby Father 🤔? Kalani Reavl Real Story!

Kalani Faagata, star of “90 Day Fiancé,” has revealed she does not want more children after recently welcoming her third baby, her first with boyfriend Dallas. During an Instagram Q&A, the 35-year-old quickly shut down the possibility of expanding her family further, stating she’s done having children. This announcement came two weeks after she secretly welcomed her daughter on June 4, sharing adorable photos of the newborn.

Kalani’s relationship with Asuelu Pulaa, her ex-husband, ended in October 2023. She confirmed that she and Dallas are still together, celebrating milestones like their one-year anniversary in February and his first Father’s Day on June 16. Despite keeping their relationship mostly private, Kalani occasionally shares glimpses of Dallas on social media, though his face is often obscured.

Dallas, 29, has a background rooted in Hawaii and the Philippines and works as a security guard. He cleared up some misconceptions about his identity during an Instagram Q&A. The couple’s relationship became public in December 2022, with Kalani sharing photos that hinted at their romance.

Kalani and Dallas welcomed their daughter in June 2024, surprising fans who were unaware of the pregnancy. They announced the news with photos of the baby swaddled in a purple blanket. The couple’s journey has been followed closely by fans, who are happy to see Kalani in a healthier relationship after her tumultuous marriage to Asuelu.

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