Baby No 5😯! Loren Big Trouble Baby Delivery! Alexia Expect Pray To All

On a recent episode of “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After,” Lauren Rarick faced criticism for her emotional response to undergoing elective plastic surgery. Lauren, a mother of three, opted for a “mommy makeover” to reclaim her pre-pregnancy body, a decision that drew mixed reactions from viewers.

During the episode, Lauren tearfully explained to her children—Shai, Asher, and Ariel—that she would be undergoing surgery and would be away for a few days to recover. Despite feeling content with her decision, Lauren became emotional when her children left the house with her husband, Alex, expressing guilt for not being able to care for them during her recovery.

Some fans took to Reddit to slam Lauren for her emotional reaction, suggesting that she should have waited until her children were older to undergo surgery. They argued that she should prioritize her children’s needs over her appearance.

Others expressed sympathy for Alex, who had to take care of the children while Lauren recovered. They acknowledged the challenges he faced, including helping her with post-operative care while juggling a full-time job and household chores.

While Lauren defended her decision to undergo surgery, citing struggles with body dysmorphia and postpartum depression, viewers voiced concerns about her mental health. Some felt she should focus on her mental well-being instead of undergoing surgery.

Despite the criticism, Lauren has continued to defend her decision, stating that she is pleased with the results of her surgery. She has also faced backlash on social media but remains unfazed, telling her critics, “You can hate.”

In a separate storyline, Jasmine Pantoja from “90 Day Fiancé” revealed that she has been avoiding intimacy with her husband, Gino, due to fears of getting pregnant. The couple has had a tumultuous relationship, with Jasmine feeling betrayed after Gino mishandled paperwork for her children’s visas, delaying their move to the United States.

Jasmine, who was previously on the fence about having a child with Gino, has now decided against it, citing the complications in their relationship. She is struggling to be honest with Gino about her feelings, fearing that it will hurt him.

Overall, both stories highlight the complexities of relationships and the challenges individuals face in making personal decisions while navigating the expectations and judgments of others.

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