Bad Announcement 😱! Meri Brown Caught by Kody in a Jaw-Dropping Sc*andal | sister wives season 19

Sister Wives star Meri Brown divorced Kody Brown after 32 years of marriage, yet she continues to support her former sister wife, Robyn Brown. Meri and Kody, who married in 1990, have one child together. Raised in a polygamous household, Meri envisioned a similar dynamic in her marriage. However, after struggling with conception, Kody married Janelle in 1993, Christine in 1994, and finally Robyn in 2010. Kody’s marriage to Robyn marked the beginning of the end for the Brown family, as he spent more time with her and her children, leading to his formal divorce from Meri in 2014 to adopt Robyn’s kids.

Despite the turmoil, Meri recently appeared on the Misunderstood podcast, defending Robyn and stating that Kody’s marriages were already in trouble before Robyn joined. Meri introduced Robyn to the family and remains protective of her former sister wife. Some fans are disappointed with the delayed airing of Christine’s relationship with David Woolley in Season 19, feeling that the show’s production lags behind reality.

Meri, who left Kody and moved to Utah after reassessing her values, has gained respect from fans for her transformation. Although rumors suggested she might not return for the next season, her comments hint at her involvement. Meri and her friend Jen paused their “Fridays with Friends” segment due to Jen’s surgery for a non-cancerous growth but plan to resume soon. Meri has faced numerous challenges post-divorce but continues to expand her horizons and share her journey with fans. Season 19 of Sister Wives is anticipated to air earlier than expected, likely in August, with viewers eager to see Meri’s next steps.

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