Big Ed is an actual VILLAIN… | 90 Day Fiancé

In the latest episode of “90 Day Fiancé,” Big Ed’s villainous behavior is on full display. The episode starts with Ed preparing to meet Liz, anticipating her upset reaction. He calls off their wedding, a decision made without consulting her. He claims it’s because of a past argument where Liz allegedly yelled at him, but there’s no footage or witnesses to support his side. Ed often retells stories, casting himself as the victim, while Liz is depicted in a negative light.

When canceling the wedding, Ed had the officiant inform Liz, catching her off guard. Liz had sacrificed her career and relocated to be with Ed, only to be blindsided. Ed’s excuses are seen as manipulative, blaming Liz for their issues. He cites his efforts, like buying a house and planning for Liz’s daughter, as leverage to justify his decision.

Ed arranges to meet Liz in a bar to discuss their problems, a setting that pressures Liz and favors Ed. Throughout the conversation, he talks over her, refusing to listen, and ultimately, Liz hangs up in frustration.

Viewers are frustrated with Ed’s manipulative tactics and refusal to take responsibility for his actions. His behavior paints him as one of the most disliked cast members, with many sympathizing with Liz.

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