Big Ed is Jealous of Liz and her New Boyfriend | 90 Day Fiancé

Ed and Liz’s tumultuous relationship reached a breaking point in episode 14 of “Happily Ever After” season 8, where Liz tearfully packed up her belongings and left Ed’s house. Throughout their numerous breakups, Ed seemed unfazed, often prioritizing his dogs over Liz and failing to take responsibility for their constant arguments. Liz, on the other hand, struggled with the emotional toll of their fights and Ed’s manipulative behavior. Despite Ed’s claims of loving Liz and having changed her life, Liz felt hurt and unsupported, eventually realizing that leaving him was the best decision for her well-being. She expressed relief at moving on and began a new relationship with Jason, which appears to be stable and fulfilling, unlike her time with Ed. Liz looks visibly happier and more content with Jason, highlighting the stark contrast between her past and present relationships.

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