BIG NEWS!! Seeking Sister Wife 04/19/2024/ Danielle admits she wanted to leave Garrick in her book

Danielle and Garrick Marfield, known faces on “Seeking Sister Wife,” have returned, but fans still don’t favor them. Many believe Danielle is only following Garrick’s desires for polygamy out of self-interest. Last season, they were close to welcoming Roberta, a Brazilian woman, into their family, but she ultimately avoided marriage, leaving them feeling conned. In the upcoming season, Nathalia has entered their lives, and they are getting to know her in Mexico before making a marriage decision.

Danielle recently disclosed that she considered leaving Garrick. They married when she was 19 and he was 23, and she admitted to frequently thinking about leaving him during that time. Despite criticism from fans, who accuse Garrick of brainwashing and manipulating Danielle, she claims her family sees her happiness from all angles.

Fans have noticed moments suggesting Danielle’s uncertainty about her relationship with Garrick. She has accused him of listening to Nathalia more than her, indicating disapproval of his desire for polygamy. Despite this conflict, Danielle insists they are living happily. Fans are curious if they can resolve their issues by the end of the season.


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